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DixieSW300Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. Free from husbands, kids and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage on North Carolina's Outer Banks to catch up, laugh and meddle in each other's lives. The Dixie Swim Club focuses on four of those weekends and spans a period of thirty-three years.

As their lives unfold and the years pass, these women increasingly rely on one another, through advice and raucous repartee, to get through the challenges (men, sex, marriage, parenting, divorce, aging) that life flings at them. And when fate throws a wrench into one of their lives in the second act, these friends, proving the enduring power of "teamwork," rally 'round their own with the strength and love that takes this comedy in a poignant and surprising direction. The story of these five unforgettable women—a hilarious and touching comedy about friendships that last forever.

April 12-14, 19-21*, 26-28, 2018February 24, 2018

8:00 pm (*2:00 pm and 8:00 pm)

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Next to Normal Auditions

by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey

Director: Shael RismanN2N FB ProfilePic
Music Director:
 Nick Denis
Producer: Heather Doucette

Audition Dates:
Sunday, April 22, Monday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 24

There are five audition slots per half-hour block. Please ensure you arrive promptly at your allotted time and you will be seen in that half hour slot.

Callback Date:
Sunday, April 29

Whitby Centennial Building (AKA Whitby Courthouse Theatre), 416 Centre Street S, Whitby

What to Prepare: 
Bring a musical theatre style song of your choice (not from the show) AND a rock style song of your choice (not from the show). 

Click here for more information and to book an audition time 

Meet The Cast and Crew of...

DixieCastCrew HomeBanner

Raissa Chernushenko – Lexie Richards
Sophie Dajka – Dinah Grayson
Kelly Dewey – Sheree Hollinger
Nancy Gleed – Vernadette Simms
Sharon Morari – Jeri Neal McFeeley

Eric Newton – Director
Mel Gibson – Producer
Geneviève Hébert-Carr – Producer
Rowena Keyes – Stage Manager
Debra Smith – Set Design/Decor
Monique Essegern Costume Designer
Donna Gunter 
– Costume Designer
Greg Poulin – Lighting Design
Julie Rutishauser – Properties 
TBA – Hair & Makeup

YouthIntoWoodsTemp HomeBannerCast2

Happily Ever After Cast (H) – June 7, 10, 15, 16
Once Upon a Time Cast (O)
– June 8, 9, 14, 17

Iain Dunfield – Baker (H/O)
Kira Henders – Baker's Wife (H)/Ensemble (O)
Emma Church – Baker's Wife (O)/Ensemble (H)
Caitlin Edwards Cinderella (H)/Ensemble (O)
Teagan Schuck – Cinderella (O)/Ensemble (H)
Sapphire Mendonca – Cinderella's Mom (H/O)
Emily Ford – Florinda (H/O)
Nathan Aunger – Jack (H/O)
Holly Savage – Jack's Mom (H/O)
Hannah Stack – Lucinda (H/O)
Audrey Hardy – Milky White (O)/Ensemble (H)
Renee Bastien – Milky White (H)/Ensemble (O)
Connell Brown  – Mysterious Man (H/O)
Lauren Sanchez – Narrator (H)/Ensemble (O)
Alessia Siqueira – Narrator (O)/Ensemble (H)
Matthew Slevin – Prince Charming (H/O)
Owen Newman-Nixon – Rapunzel's Prince (H/O)
Elizabeth Arbour – Rapunzel (H)/Ensemble (O)
Sarah Misiaszek Rapunzel (O)/Ensemble (H)
Heaven Wood – Red Riding Hood(H)/Ensemble (O)
Amy Magee-Bell – Red Riding Hood (O)/Ensemble (H)
Cassidy Dingman – Stepmother (H/O)
Campbell Bruner – Steward (H/O)
Allison Beadle – Witch (H)/Ensemble (O)
Ella Morash – Witch (O)/Ensemble (H)
Ben Hofmann – Wolf (H&O)
Tianna Jordison – Ensemble (H/O)
Lauren Stack – Ensemble (H/O)
Ella Suarez – Ensemble (H/O)
Olivia Flannigan – Ensemble (H/O)
Yvette Deveaux – Ensemble (H/O)

Nicole Vezeau – Director

Tracy Church – Producer
Roz Keyes – Musical Director
Mel Runhart – Choreographer
Nikki Meyers – Stage Manager

Jessica Watters – Assistant Director

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