Parking during Construction!

WCTKingMapWhile on your way to see Whitby Couthouse Theatre's Mambo Italiano you may notice that there is some road work taking place behind the Centennial Buidling. This map should lend a hand in getting you to the parking lot.

King Street is closed, to get to the parking lot turn west off of Brock Street on either Dunlop Street W. or Ontario Street, then take Centre Street S. to Gilbert Street W., head west and turn south into the parking lot.



The Reviews are in for Mambo!

Mambo40by Velika Maxam

The art of story telling certainly begins with a well-written script, but the interpretation in the hands of a focused director can tip the scales towards great entertainment. The passion to produce an excellent stage play requires courage and finesse to mould a story such that the audience is swept away by the narrative and moved by the message behind it. We see this in Whitby Courthouse Theatre’s season premiere of ‘Mambo Italiano’ with the artistic vision of first time Director Ted Niles who cleverly unfolds this comedic and often poignant tale of sexuality, identity, and culture with an interpretation that not only resonates but also delightfully converges comedic performance with truth. [...]

The opening night performance of this show was seamless, which could have been in part to the cast and crew’s hard work and preparation. [...] Whitby Courthouse Theatre’s understanding of their role in providing entertainment that is relevant to the audiences they serve. They also must be applauded for straying from the regular community theatre fare, and taking a leap off course to deliver content that is not only entertaining but also edgy and relevant, leading the way hopefully for other theatres to follow suit. [...]

The pacing and blocking in this play is excellent, allowing for the humour necessary to the piece to be delivered well. As well, kudos to not only the director but to both actors for displaying enough of their intimacy realistically, and in such a way that not only pulls us in to the beauty of their relationship but that we also transcend their sexuality and simply watch with empathy and envy two people lucky enough to find love. [...] 

The cast delivers their individual struggles of identity, self-acceptance and its ensuing contentions well, by simply presenting believable performances. [...] In fact, each actor in Mambo Italiano has strong moments of truth, communicated well in their monologues. When emotions are conveyed as well as they are in this piece, an actor can still ask themselves, is there yet another layer of depth available to me in this moment? A cast as good as this one, is certainly of the calibre to meet that challenge.

The play’s fluidity can be credited in part to a well-plotted and designed set, thanks to set designer Ian Handscomb. Shifting between living room, to apartment, to nightclub, to cemetery, and back again, all done with such ease that we never lose focus in the story line. With the aid of brilliant lighting and well-chosen music, we the audience remain engaged as scene changes are flawless, of which the crew needs to be applauded for. [...]

It’s well cast, well acted, well conveyed, well directed, comedic, fun and funny, and with the guidance of President and first time Director Ted Niles, who has definitely left his mark on this piece and in a way that really works, the audience is left entertained. Whitby Courthouse Theatre has raised the bar in Durham community theatre, giving audiences the challenge they’ve been looking for in story lines that leave you thinking about your own truth and conviction. [...]

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November 23-25, 2017
Curtain: 8:00 p.m.

November 23 & 24 - good availability
November 25 - limited availability

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The Dixie Swim Club Auditions

by Jessie Jones, Jamie Wooten, Nicholas Hope

Director: Eric Newton573 Twisted Sistas
Audition Dates: Sunday, November 19th at 7:00pm and Monday, November 20th at 7:00pm 
Location: Whitby Centennial Building (Whitby Courthouse Theatre), 416 Centre Street S., Whitby
Rehearsals: Commence February 11th.
Performance Dates: Preview: April 11, Run: April 12-14, 19-21*, 26-28, 2018 (*matinee and evening performances on April 21st)

What to Bring/Expect:
Actors are asked to prepare a one minute comedic monologue and there will also be reading from the script.  Should you have any questions, please call Director, Eric Newton at 905-837-2189.

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Meet The Cast and Crew of...

Mambo WebBanner

Darren Brunke – Angelo Barbieri
Geneiève Hébert-Carr – Anna Barbieri
Barb Grenier – Maria Barbieri
Peter Mazzucco – Gino Barbieri
Mark Boyko – Nino Paventi
Gerri Sefi – Lina Paventi
Laura McGowan – Pina Lunetti

Edward Niles – Director/Producer/Sound Design
Deb Smith – Producer
Brandon Rideout – Stage Manager
Paul Sowerbutts – Assistant Stage Manager
Peggy Sowerbutts – Assistant Stage Manager

Ian Handscomb – Set Design/Decor
Julie Rutishauser – Costume Design
Kaylani Gatchalian – Assistant Sewer
Brandon Rideout – Lighting/Sound Design
Mel Gibson – Assistant Director
Susan Wabb – Properties
Vivian Tattrie – Food Properties
Erica Simpson – Hair and Makeup
Debra Eckstein – Dresser
Ryan McGarvey – Crew Member

AveQ WebBanner2

Jess Fodor – Kate Monster
Todd Appleton – Princeton
Alexander Mantia – Rod
Greg White – Nicky & Bad Idea Bear
Kyle Roberts – Trekkie Monster
Allyson Polidano – Lucy
Lisa FerreiraBad Idea Bear
Steven Suepaul – Gary Coleman
Olivia Jon – Christmas Eve
Scott Currie – Brian

Monique Essegern – Director
Heather Doucette – Producer
Ted Niles – Music Director
Yolanda Van Grootel – Vocal Coach
Tasha DiZazzo – Choreographer
David Rabjohn – Stage Manager
Debra Eckstein – Assistant Stage Manager
Ian Handscomb – Set Design/Decor
Monique Essegern – Costume Designer
Donna Gunter – Costume Designer
Monique Essegern – Puppet Design/Construction
Donna Gunter – Puppet Construction Assistant
Greg Poulin – Lighting Design
Pauline Poulin – Lighting Design
Christopher Seaman – Projection Design
Margo Rodgers – Sound Design
Taylor Hagger – Sound Technican

Susan Wabb – Properties
Kara Gilbey – Hair & Makeup




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