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1968-1969 (Theatre 1)

Barefoot in the Park  (comedy)
by Neil Simon

Directed by Wilfred Pegg

Cast: Diane Smith, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Paul Spencer, Wilfred Pegg, Joyce Wainwright, Bert Heaver

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Joob VanRyn, John Anderson, Eve Heaver, Beryl Garratt, Florence Spencer, Bonnie Banks, Deirdre Hope, Peter Van Gils.

Synopsis: Corie, a free-spirited young woman, and Paul Bratte, an equally sensible man, are a recently married couple, who move into a fifth-floor apartment in Greenwich Village (one of the ongoing jokes is the fact that everyone has to climb so many stairs to get to the apartment). Corie decorates the small, leaky apartment, turning it into a picturesque little home for two. One of the many odd people living in the apartment building, the quirky Victor Velasco, befriends Corie, often even flirting with her. He lives in the attic of the building, once even climbing through the Bratter's apartment window to get to his. Victor helps Corie with the apartment, teaching her how to work the seemingly broken heating and plumbing.

The Tender Trap  (comedy)
by Robert Paul Smith and Ma Shulman

Directed by Pat Patterson

Cast: John Brett, Carole Orme, D'Arcy Smyth, Sisi Shuh, Jean Farquharson, Roberta Plews, Peter Thrasher, A. McAlear.

Production Team: Bert Heaver, Carol Snaith, John Anderson, Beryl Garratt, Joyce Wainwright, Susan Anderson, Dorothy Dair, Terry Nagel.

Synopsis: Broadway agent Charlie is a man about town with a girl for every occasion. Maybe classical violinist Sylvia tops the list, but she's still just a dame. Best buddy Joe, staying over to take a break from his marriage, watches bemusedly while becoming increasingly attracted to Sylvia himself. When young Julie turns up for an audition and rebuffs Charlie's advances it looks like he might be becoming a one gal guy. But she has her own grand plan for her future and if he is to be part of it he will have to make commitments quite awful to contemplate.

1966-1967 (Whitby Theatre Guild)

On Monday Next  (comedy)
by Philip King

Produced by Bert Heaver
Directed by Bert Heaver

Cast: Douglas Reenay, Reg Tompkins, Kayu Brandon, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Bill Vaughan, Beryl Garratt, Sandra island, Milton Vanderveen, Carol Smith, Diane Smith, Cyril Barratt, Rick Raczkowski, John Rae, Ian Gardner.

Production Team: Joe Wainwright, Cyril Garratt.

Synopsis: The Drossmouth Repertory Company is holding the second rehearsal of a new play which is due to open next Monday. The proceedings are complicated by an incomplete set and the cast not knowing their lines. The unexpected appearance of the young author does not improve the situation, especially when he seems to want to direct too.

Luxury Cruise  (comedy)
by Fred Carmichael

Produced by Peter O'Shaughnessy
Directed by Peter O'Shaughnessy

Cast: Joyce Wainwright, Freda Jepson, Susan Wainwright, Bob Mays, Diane Smith, Reg Tompkins, Jean Farquharson, John Rae, Kathe Bowker.

Production Team: Not available

Synopsis: The play tells the story of three couples aboard a cruise ship. The couples are two antiquated ladies on their first trip, a married couple who know the husband is about to die, and a flashy bride with her husband who is only interested in testing his poker skills with his fellow passengers, Each of the three acts takes one couple through the cruise and tells their story. One act is a comedy, one is serious and the third is a farce.

Woman at Dead Oaks  (thriller)
by John Kirkpatrick

Directed by Daphne O'Shaughnessy, assisted by Beryl Garratt

Cast: Not available

Production Team: Information not available at this time.

Synopsis: Who was the woman at Dead Oaks? Her name was Sylvia Merriott, she had red hair and she always wore gloves. But who was she really? The real estate people don't know and the taxi driver has seen her only once, but from the moment Fran and her friends arrive, warnings appear. Judy feels sure there is someone else in the house Mrs. Merriott? Hal is slugged upstairs and when Rose tries to summon help the wires are cut. As the fog thickens outside, panic mounts inside. Irene's body is found stuffed in a cupboard and Lissie, who had looked through a window and saw something, is strangled. Ever increasing terror stalks until the murderer is trapped and the identity of Mrs. Merriott revealed. Then there is one more surprise.

1965-1966 (Whitby Theatre Guild)

The Happiest Days of Our Life  (comedy)
by John Dighton

Produced by Peter O'Shaughnessy
Directed by Peter O'Shaughnessy

Cast: Milton Vanderveen, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Reg Thompkins, Cyril Barratt, Scott Laurence, Daphne O'Shaughnessy, Beryl Barratt, Susam Wainwright, Mary Luchuk, Lloyd White, Eunice Beer, Ray Oliver.

Production Team: Shirley, Crook, Cyril Garratt, Phil Rogers, John Townsend, Peter O'Shaughnessy.

Synopsis: The story is set at the end of WWII. The pupils and teachers of a South Coast girl's school (St. Swithin's) are relocated to alternative accommodation as their own school has been a casualty of wartime bombing. Thanks to a bureaucratic mix-up, they wind up sharing the quarters of a boy's school (Hilary Hall) in Hampshire. The harried headmaster and headmistress, together with both sets of teachers, try to keep visiting parents from discovering the dilemma as the whole thing turns into a battle of the sexes. These problems are forgotten however when the news is received that a third school is to join them and all unite to repel boarders.

Exit the Body  (drama)
by Fred Carmichael

Produced by Peter O'Shaughnessy
Directed by Peter O'Shaughnessy

Cast: Beryl Garratt, Sandra Island, Bob Mays, Ann Rich, Diane Smith, Celia Anderson, Bert Heaver, Bill McAdam, Milton Vanderveen, Peter O'Shaughnessy.

Production Team: Bev Cochrane, Eve Heaver, Cyril Garratt, Peter O'Shaughnessy, John Townsend.

Synopsis: A mystery writer, Crane Hammond, rents a New England house to spend a relaxing four weeks working and resting. She is accompanied by her secretary, the flip New Yorker Kate Bixley. They are quickly told by the rental agent, Helen O'Toole, about the previous resident, a jewel fence, who was recently killed in an automobile accident. He had been holding (and hiding) a stash of diamonds that no one has been able to find. Being a mystery writer, Crane is unfazed at the news. It's not going to bother her and her relaxing vacation!

1964-1965 (Whitby Theatre Guild)

See How They Run  (comedy)
by Philip King

Cast: Joyce Wainwright, Frances Townsend, Cyril Barratt, Beryl Barratt, Wayne Lehman, Bert Heaver, Reg Tompkins, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Jong Towsend

Production Team: Mike Meller, Cyril Garratt, S. Cook, Eve Heaver

Synopsis: The play is set in 1943 in the living room of the vicarage at the fictitious village of Merton-cum-Middlewick. The lead character is Penelope Toop, former actress and now the wife of the local vicar, the Rev. Lionel Toop. The Toops employ Ida, a Cockney maid. Miss Skillon, a churchgoer of the parish and a scold, arrives on a bicycle to gossip with the vicar and to complain about the latest 'outrages' that Penelope has caused. The vicar then leaves for the night, and an old friend of Penelope's, Lance-Corporal Clive Winton, stops by on a quick visit. In order to dodge army regulations, he changes from his uniform into Lionel's second-best suit, complete with a clerical 'dog-collar' in order to see a production of "Private Lives", while pretending to be the visiting vicar Arthur Humphrey who is due to preach the Sunday sermon the next day.

Here We Come Gathering  (drama)
by Philip King and Anthony Armstrong

Cast: Jean Farquharson, Milton Vanderveen, Freda Jepson, Harriet Kellaway, Cyril Garratt, Jahn Rae, Peter, O'Shaughnessy, Beryl Garratt, Sue Wainwright, John Townsend.

Synopsis: A young married couple, Anne and Philip, have had a cottage in the country bought for them by Philip's parents. The four of them arrive at the unfurnished cottage just ahead of the furniture van. A woman from the village who was bringing them food has failed to arrive. Then the removal van breaks down half a mile from the cottage. The removal man's girlfriend falls into a stream and he sprains his ankle rescuing her. The bridge across the stream falls down marooning them all and then to top it all Anne's ex-boyfriend turns up.

1963-1964 (Whitby Theatre Guild)

Pool's Paradise  (comedy)
by Philip King

Produced by Bert Heaver
Directed by Bert Heaver

Cast: Beryl Garratt, Joyce Wainwright, Cyril Garratt, Eleanor Rosetanni, Bert Heaver, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Dave Watson

Production Team: George Urbanus, Ted Farrow, Shirley Crook, Cyril Garratt, Phil Rogers, Alan Muir.

Synopsis: In order that our audience may better understand the plot of this crazy comedy, we offer this brief explanation retarding "Football Pools". Football, or Soccer as it is known in Canada, is Britain's most popular national sport. Every Saturday afternoon millions of people in all parts of the country turn out in support of their local football teams. This fanatical following is re-enforced by millions more who each week attempt to forecast the results of a number of these games, by filling in a Football Pool Coupon. These coupons are divided into a number of pools, the most popular of which is the "Treble Chance". In this, the client attempts to forecast eight games that will be in the draw. For about twenty cents a client may win a quarter of a million dollars.

1960-1961 (Whitby Theatre Guild)

Therese  (drama)
by Thomas Job

Directed by Harry Chapman

Cast: Cyril Garratt, Joan Hill, Jean Farquharson, Bert Heaver, Beryl Garrett, Reg Tompkins, Dave Watkins, Lilian Lane.

Production Team: Egon Fehr, Cyrill Garratt, Beth Rutherford, Beryl Garratt, Nell Bergman, Marcel Brunelle, Joyce Wainwright, Barbara Powell, Ted Farrow, Eunice Beer.

Synopsis: Thérèse Raquin is leading a life of utter misery. Maybe not at first sight – she, Mme Raquin (her aunt and mother-in-law) and her husband Camille are fine financially -, but she really just rolled into her marriage not knowing what she was supposed to be feeling for her husband.

Three One-Act Plays 

Still Life (drama)
by Noel Coward

Directed by Joan Hill

Synopsis: One of the "Tonight at 8:30" series, a success in London and New York. The movie Brief Encounter was based on this play. In a suburban rail station, Dr. Harvey removes a cinder from Laura's eye and they fall in love. Subsequent weekly meetings over tea, scenes debating respectability or love, and some sentimental moments transpire before they decide they must part forever. He is accepting a faraway post and she must return to a circumspect life. At their last meeting, a chattering friend swoops down and there is no chance for a final goodbye.

Sorry Wrong Number (drama)
by Lucille Fletcher

Directed by Gwyn Hoag

Synopsis: A 1948 American thriller film noir directed by Anatole Litvak and starring Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster. It tells the story of a woman who overhears a murder plot. The film was adapted by Lucille Fletcher from her 1943 radio play.

Dear Departed (drama)
by Stanley Houghton

Directed by Bert Heaver

Synopsis: A clever dramatization of a famous De Maupassant story about a man who pretended he was dead in order to see what his family thought about him.


1959-1960 (Whitby Theatre Guild)

The Mousetrap  (drama)
by Agatha Christie

Produced by David Watson
Directed by David Watson

Cast: Joyce Wainwright, Peter Patterson, Bob Hightower, Joam Hill, Reg Tompkins, Eileen Holding, Dave Watson, Wayne Lehman.

Production Team: Ivor Anthony, Herman Hesselink, Ken Lehman, and cast.

Synopsis: The news on the radio at Monkswell Manor relates a murder that has recently taken place. Mollie and Giles Ralston, the young, newly-married owners of the once-regal estate which they recently converted into a guest house, hardly notice the news. They are far too busy preparing for the arriving of their first guests—and concerned that the blizzard raging outside may hamper their arrival.

Still Life (drama)
by Noel Coward

Directed by Joan Hill

Cast: Jean Farquharson, Swyn Goad, Nancy Beer, Peter Ames, Tom Farquharson, Alex Gigiroff, Helen McKnight, Ross Gibson, Marcel Brunelle, Beth Rutherford, Eunice Beer

Production Team: Not available

Synopsis: In the refreshment room of "Milford Junction" railway station, in the spring, Laura Jesson, a housewife, is waiting for her train home after shopping. She is in pain from a piece of grit that has got into her eye. Alec Harvey, a married physician, who is in the refreshment room, removes it for her.



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