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1978-1979 (Whitby Theatre Company)

The Prisoner of Second Avenue  (comedy)
by Neil Simon

Produced by Jim Walker
Directed by Terrill Stewart

Cast: John Green, Carole MacNeil, Eric Gareau, Jean Henderson, Barbara Farrow, Joan Rundle, David Broughton, Julie Brierly. Voice Over by Pam Brierly and Pat Skerritt.

Production Team: Terrill Stewart, Gill Walker, Jim Walker, Bert Heaver, Laverne Rousseau, Lisa Rundle, Linda Wallace, Laura McGregor, Catherine Schell, Dave Vanderbilt, Paul Spencer, Pat Skerrit, Bill Doherty, Bill Lockie, Harry Thompson, Stan Durrant, Greg Lang, Nellie Van Dyke, Debbie Doherty, Eve Heaver, Joan Milburn, Karen Howie, Julie Brierly, Delores Holliday, Caron Hatton, Gary Hatton, Denise Dawson, Doris Cherkas.

Synopsis: A suddenly unemployed ex-executive suffers a nervous breakdown.

The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds (drama)
by Paul Zindel

Produced by Nina Foxall
Directed by Judith Edmondson

Cast: Abby Zotz, Kathy Guselle, Joan Walsh, Barbara Farrow, Barbara Szabunia.

Production Team: Nina Foxall, Greg Lang, John Remisma, Robin McQuay, Paul Spencer, Maureen Green, Loretta Hunter, Delores Holliday, Carole Turner, Archie Beil, Jim Walker, Bert Kirkham, Eve heaver, Sidney Lang, Pat Skerrit,  Don Miville, Tom Wolf, Brian Williston, Audrey Miller, Joan Milburn, Jane Edmondson, Bert Heaver, Carol Hatton.

Synopsis: A room of wood which was once a vegetable store - and a point of debarkation for a horse-drawn wagon to bring its wares to a small town. But the store is gone, and a widow of confusion has placed her touch on everything. The action of the play takes place in a small town outside of New York City in the early 1950s.

Conduct Unbecoming (drama)
by Barry England

Produced by Betty Bellingham
Directed by Jim Cheyne

Cast: Rick Kerr, David Lepp, Vince Vincent, John Duggan, Archie Bell, Greg Lang, Garvin Farr, Jim Walker, Gary Hatton, Stan Durant, John Bellingham, Richard Higham, Lynette Eloise McPeake, Eve Heaver, Mira Sitlani Blake, Denise Dawson, Pat Pascoe, Betty Bellingham, Elspeth Bell, Gaston Cliche, Ron Blair.

Production Team: Betty Bellingham, Sidney Lang, Gill Walker, Jim Cheyne, Doug Lucyk, John Reinsma, Bill Lockey, Gord Malcolm, Terrill Stewart, Lise Gunby, Gaston Cliche, Delores Holliday, Heidi, Dewey, June Lewis, Dabbie Rigg, Beryl Garratt, Eve Heaber, Barbara Farrow, Pat Green, Anita Brear, Maureen Bandola, Debbie Eavis, Don Miville, Brian Williston, Bert Heaver, John Green, Linda Babbs, Dianne Ciosk, Ron Blair, Carol Hatton, Marg Nelson, Shelly SIersma, Joan Hill, Maureen Farrow, Graham Gauthier, Barbara Lloyd, Alison Johnston, Diana Mackie, Richard Zotz, Abby Zotz.

Synopsis: A company of British soldiers in colonial India is shaken when the widow of their most honored hero is assaulted. A young officer must defend a fellow lieutenant from the charges in an unusual court-martial, while investigating the deepening mystery behind the attack.

Luck Be a Lady Casino Night  (fundraiser)

A fundraising night of Casino held in the Centennial Building's Regal Room. 

1977-1978 (Whitby Theatre Company)

The Rope Dancer  (drama)
by Morton Wisengardee

Produced by Bill Locke
Directed by Terrill Stewart

Cast: Alison Spence, Marjorie Sutton, Greg Lang, Carole MacNeil, Robin Borrows, David Halliday, Bill Lockey, Eric Garneau, Paul Spencer.

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Bill Lockey, Bert Kirkham, Claudia Kirkham, Heidi Dewey, Tony Bingham, Barry Bateman, Denise Dawson, Kimberly Brawley, Karen Home, Sidney Lang, Eve Heaver, Marjorie Bird, Terrill Stewart, Molly Krajewski, Barbara Farrow, Gail Cheyne, Bert Heaver, Carol Hatton, Herta Park.

Synopsis: As the play opens we discover Margaret Hyland and her daughter, Lizzie, on moving day. James Hyland, Margaret's estranged husband, arrives. We soon see the struggle for the affection of Lizzie, their daughter, which is the basis of the breakdown of their marriage. Lizzie has an affliction which she was born with and neither parent can deal with it.

Alfie (comedy)
by Bill Naughton

Produced by Greg Lang
Directed by John Caldwell

Cast: Jim Cheyne, Shirley Upton, Ann Valentine, Dave Hodkinson, Audrey Miller, Jim Renshaw, Bill Lockey, Jean Renshaw, Denise Dawson, Fin Walker, Barbara Farrow, Jan Bishop, Archie Bell, Gail Cheyne, John Green, Peter Lloyd.

Production Team: John Caldwell, Nina Foxall, Paul Spencer, Greg Lang, Sidney Lang, Heidi Dewey, Jill Walker, Tony Bingham, Don Miville, Bert Verriet, Jim Walker, Ray Johns, Eve Heaverm Pat Green, Archie Bell, Carol Hatton, Herta Park, Bob Nelson, John Green.

Synopsis: Alfie is a difficult play character to analyze. Alfie himself is one of life's great survivor - a London Cockney Alley-Cat who knows how to "look after himself" in this world and after all - isn't that what it's all about.

Three One-Act Plays: The Gadfly, Cubistique and Ah, Eurydice 
by Various

Produced by Various
Directed by Various

Shakespeare Readings: Hamlet,  King Richard III, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew and The Tempest 
by William Shakespeare

Produced by Various
Directed by Various

God's Favourite 
by Neil Simon

Produced by Greg Lang
Directed by Jim Cheyne

Cast: Terrill Stewart, Claude Vipond, Randy Gough, Denise Dawson, Mary Vollmer, John Green, Pat Skerritt, Carol Hatton.

Production Team: Jim Cheyne, Betty Bellingham, Sidney Lang, Judith Edmondson, Paul Spencer, Harry Thompson, Greg Lang, Bill Lockey, Jim Walker, John Green, Chris Hatton, Catherine Schell Nina Foxall, Valerie Gough, Ann Valentine, Virginia Hixon, Don Miville, Tony Bingham, Donna Stewart, Eve heaver, Donna Dawson, Julie Brierley, Marjorie Bird, Jan Bishop, Bob Nelson, Archie Bell, Bert Heaver.

Synopsis: Most of us know the story of Job - but how many have thought of it as a comedy. This play is an updated version. A job has been transported to the present in the embodiment of Joe Benjamin, a wealthy New Yorker.


1976-1977 (Whitby Theatre Company)

Night Must Fall  (drama)
by Emlyn Williams

Produced by Vera Callaghan
Directed by Jim Cheyne

Cast: Mary Harrison, Judith Edmondson, Greg Lang, Carole MacNeil, Barbara Farrow, Debra Earhart, Archie Bell, Robert Bryden.

Production Team: Gail Cheyne, Carol Hatton, Diane Johansen, Heidi Dewey, Paul Spencer, Cheryl Bromell, Doris Cherkas, Anette Czechowski, Sidney Lang, Bert Heaver, Audrey Miller, Vera Callahan, Ellie Deneef, Barry Bateman, Janet Vickers, Tony Bingham, Rick Forrestall, Carol White, Eve Heaver, Herta Park.

Synopsis: Olivia Grayne acts as a paid caregiver for her dowager aunt, Mrs.Bramson, who is stingy toward her niece. The two live in a house in the English woods with Dora and Emily, the household domestics. Into their lives and house comes Danny, Dora's fiance, who is a simple, common man. Despite Dora admitting that she doesn't know that much about Danny, Mrs. Bramson, who prides herself on being a good judge of character, hires Danny to be her line-in personal attendant. Olivia is suspicious but at the same time attracted to the mysterious man. Olivia's suspicions are aroused when she finds among his possessions a photograph of a local woman who has been missing for the past two weeks and was thought to be murdered. Olivia, who fears Danny of being the murderer, continually comes back to face him anyway.

The Gingerbread Lady (comedy)
by Neil Simon

Produced by Shirley Upton
Directed by John Caldwell

Cast: Terrill Stewart, Paul Heaver, Sydney Lang, Gail Cheyne, Denise Dawson, Bert Kirkham.

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Shirley Upton, Meno Prasad, Rose Marie Reimer, Tony Bingham, Janet Vickers, Paul Roney, Mollie Krakowski, Nancy Wihlidal, Greg Lang, William Lockey, Jim Cheyne, Terrill Stewart, Diane Dean, Lenore Lucas, Beth Cook, Miriam Mudrey, Pat Green, Bert Heaver, Eve Heaver, Herta Park.

Synopsis: The play opens with the return from the 'cure of Evy", an alcoholic singer, now a "has been". Awaiting to welcome her are Jimmy, a homosexual actor, who dreams of overnight stardom after 20 years, and Toby, 40 but you'd never know it, self-centered, vain, who uses a mirror-like Evy uses the bottle. Enter Lou, Evy's ex-lover, a musician, flighty, a "user", and Polly, Evy's daughter. As Evy desperately tries to reject Lou and start a new life with Polly, she seeks help from Jimmy and Toby, only to find them engrossed in problems of their own.

Anything Goey(musical review)
by Bert Heaver

Produced by Bert Heaver
Directed by Bert heaver assisted by Karen McKay

Cast: Bob Mitchell, Mary Roney, Anna David, Phillip Kerr, Carole MacNeil, Denise Dawson, Jenny Moyle, Bryan Williston, Connelly Dancers, Phil Trudelle, Agnes Coghill, Bert Heaver, JoAnn Drumm, Doug McCoy, Mike Wood, Lyn Carmichael, Gail Waltham, Karen Powell, Jim Renshaw.

Band: Bev Smith, Bob Mitchell, Mike Wood, Ben Smith, Doug McCoy

Production Team: Karen McKay, Peter Thrasher, Lyn Carmichael, Denise Dawson, Janet Vickers, Bert Verriet, Greg Thrasher, Paul Roney, Pat Green, Eve Heaverm Herta Park, Alison Johnston, Paul Spencer, Greg Lang, Bill Lockey, Sidney Lang, Jan Bishop, Vera Callaghan, Bert Heaver.

Synopsis: A Musical Revues

How the Other Half Loves (comedy)
y Alan Ayckbourn

Produced by Judith Edmondson
Directed by Marion Dennis

Cast: Gwen O'Regan, Lesley Summers, Gary Hatton, Bert Kirkham, Eric Gareau, Betty Bellingham.

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Judith Edmondson, Sidney Lang, Claudia Kirkham, Denise Dawson, Tony Bingham, Janet Vickers, Carol Hatton, Jan Bishop, Carol Rhodes, Greg Lang, Jim Cheyne, Vera Callahan, Cheryl Bromell, Barbara Farrow, Heidi Dewey, Peggy Polson, Kathryn Murphy, Shirley Upton, Audrey Miller, Bert Heaver, Eve Heaver, Herta Park.

Synopsis: The story involves the lives of three couples: Frank and Fiona Foster, Bob and Teresa Phillips and William and Mary Featherstone. Frank is the well-to-do boss of Bob and William. Fiona, a more mature woman, is having an affair with Bob, a younger cad. Both are lying to their spouses to cover their infidelity.

The Mousetrap (suspense)
by Agatha Christie

Produced by Unknown
Directed by Unknown

Cast: The Youth of the Whitby Theatre Company

Synopsis: The play opens with a radio account of a woman murdered in London. Mollie and Giles have just opened a small guest house – an inn with a property that Mollie has inherited from her aunt. The action begins on their first day of business and with their first guests.


1975-1976 (Whitby Theatre Company)

Butterflies are Free  (drama)
by Leonard Gershe

Produced by Greg Lang
Directed by Bert Heaver
Assistant directed by Dodie Simmons

Cast: Doug Evans, JoAnn Drumm, Carole MacNeil, Paul Spencer.

Production Team: Dodie Simmons, Greg Lang, Paul Spencer, Jim Carey, Bud Flannagan, Carol Hatton, June Lewis, Gary Hatton, Rick Boyer, Beth Cook, Sidney Lang, Eve Heaver, Marge Carey, Rick Honsberger, Pat Green, Heather Lindsay, Alison Johnson, Joan Hill, Karen MacKay, Lyn Carmichael.

Synopsis: Blind since birth, Don Baker grew up in an upper middle-class household in Hillsborough, just outside of San Francisco. With the assistance of his first real girlfriend, Linda Fletcher, who was the first person ever to give him a real sense of self-confidence, young adult Don moves to San Francisco to live on his own.

The Anniversary (comedy)
by Bill MacIlwraith

Produced by Paul Spencer
Directed by John Caldwell

Cast: Paul Heaver, Mary Westley, Greg Lang, Al Nichols, June Lewis, Joan Hill.

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Karen MacKay, Irene Dickson, Tony Bingham, Rick Greenwood, Rick Honsberger, Greg Lang, Lyn Carmichael, Beth Cook, Carole MacNeil, Kathy Bateson, Marie Clopton, Pat Green, Gail Measor, Bert Heaver, Alison Johnson, Jean Farquharson, Bud Flannagan. Hazel Millership.

Synopsis: This comedy of family power-play is set in South London in 1966. Tom brings his pregnant fiancee Shirley home for the annual wedding anniversary ritual orchestrated by his widowed, scalper-tongued, deviously possessive mother. Of Tom's brothers and co-workers in the (shoddy) family building business, Terry is a weakling, trying to get up the nerve to announce his imminent emigration to Canada just to get away from Mum, and Henry is a considerate, gentle giant who just happens also to be a compulsive transvestite. Tom hasn't mentioned Shirley to Mum yet either. Mum's arsenal of bitchy comments and Machiavellian stratagems is a creation of darkly glittering and consistently funny beauty. This is a case of jealous mothering as a black art.

Just for Variety(musical review)
by Bert Heaver

Produced by Greg Lang
Directed by Bert Heaver

Cast: Bev Smith & The Individuals, Jean Renshaw, Jim Renshaw, Dave Komel, Ken Howells, JoAnn Drumm, Karen Powell, John Fletcher, Lynn Luddell, George MacKenzie, Mary Roney, Lynn Carmichael, Joan Hill, Phil Kerr, Lynn Paterson, Lee Ann Cyr, Beth Hoar, Gale Waltham, Darlene Collins, Cathy Fillier, Evelyn Meso, Jenny Moyle, Brian Smart.

Production Team: Karen McKay, Greg Lang, Paul Spencer, Meno Prasad, Lyn Carmichael, Bud Flannagan, Paul Roney, Tony Bingham, Bert Verriet, Tom Thrasher, Bill Thrasher, Eve Heaver, Sidney Lang, Bev Smith, Margaret Connely, Heather Lindsay, Carole MacNeil, Jean Farquharson, Alison Johnson.

Synopsis: A musical revue just for variety.

Catch Me If You Can (comedy)
by Jack Weinstock

Produced by Sidney Lang
Directed by Harry Chapman

Cast: Dave Victor, Bob Bryden, Al Nichols, Herta Park, Joe Mullens, Karen MacKay, Paul Spencer.

Production Team: Jan Dawson, Paul Spencer, Greg Lang, Jan Dawson, Meno Prasad, Beth Cook, Annette Czechowski, John Lindsay, Tony Bingham, Paul Roney, Lyn Carmichael, Carol Hatton, Heather Lindsay, Audrey Miller, Linda Cziranko, Karen Home Carole MacNeil.

Synopsis: Daniel Corban nervously paces about his honeymoon cabin awaiting work of his wife Elizabeth who has been missing for three days. Corban finds Inspector Levine to be maddeningly inept and distracted, as well as disinterested in helping him find his wife, He refers to the Inspector as "Rip Van Levine of the Catskills."


1974-1975 (Whitby Theatre Company)

Ten Little Indians  (drama)
by Agatha Christie

Produced by Greg Lang
Directed by Blair Haviland

Cast: Gary Hatton, Carol Hatton, John Downs, Jillian Heaver, Julian Snedker, Paul Spencer, Fin Crosgrey, Bert Heaver, Carol Clements, John Caldwell.

Production Team: Herta Park, Joanne Sebastien, Sidney Lang, Shirley Upton, Rick Forrestal, Rick Boyer, Eve Heaver, Lisa Butcher, Jean Farquharson, Maria Nelson, Gary Hatton, Paul Spencer, David Van Ryn, Julian Snedker, Jan Vickers, Hilda Downs, Margery Diehl, Annette Czechowsky.

Synopsis: Up to a house high on a mountaintop has been invited ten people who are strangers to each other. When they are all gathered, they hear from their host that each of them has in some way caused the death of an innocent person and that justice had not been served in their cases. There are eight guests and two servants there for the weekend, but one by one they are being knocked off according to the poem "Ten Little Indians". As the number of survivors decreases, they begin to believe that the killer is one of the group, but are unable to decide on which one he or she may be.

The Killing of Sister George (comedy)
by Frank Marcus

Produced by Gary Hatton
Directed by John Caldwell

Cast: Joan Hill, Sidney Lang, Jean Farquharson, Carol MacNeil.

Production Team: Gary Hatton, Beth Cook, Carol Hatton, Pat Green, Shirley Upton, Heather Lindsay, Jin Carey, Paul Spencer, Greg Lang, Vera Callahan, Sidney Lang, Eve Heaver, Alison Johnson Bert Heaver.

Synopsis: George lives with her lover, Childie and plays a cheerful district nurse in a BBC soap opera. However, her character is to be killed off, and George realizes that the only other job she can get is the voice of a cow in a children's TV programme. Her life begins to fall apart as Childie has an affair with a predatory TV producer.

I Mean...Whadda You Want(musical review)
by Bert Heaver

Produced by Bert Heaver
Directed by Bert Heaver

Cast: Connelly Dancers, Marg Connelly, Doris Powell, Barbara Bentham, Theresa Patterson, Carol MacNeil, Brian & Sharon Smart, Gary & Carol Hatton, Bert Heaver, Bev Smith, Rick Richter, George MacKenzie, Bud Flanagan, Sidney Lang, Vera Callaghan, Rick Boyer, Dorothy Lonsdale, Jenny Richter, Shirley Upton, Lynn Liddell, Marina Puffer, Phil Trudelle, Paul Spencer, Derek & Mirja Groves, Bruce Patterson, Ruth Mitchell, Joanne Drumm, Murdock Ferguson, Derek Groves.

Production Team: Gary Hatton, Greg Lang, Paul Spencer, Eve Heaver, Rick Boyer, Bev Smith, Rich Richter, Marg Connelly, Paul Knibb, Paul Heaver, Rick Forrestall, Larry Caughell, Eric Watt, Brian Winter, Pat Green, Janer Vickers.

Synopsis: A musical revue.

The Desperate Hour (drama)
by Joseph Hayes

Produced by Information not available
Directed by Information not available

Cast: Information not available

Production Team: Information not available

Synopsis: The Hilliards are a typical family living on the outskirts of Indianapolis; abruptly, their pleasant home becomes a jungle full of cunning and violence. Mr. Hilliard and nineteen-year-old Cindy are allowed to go to work, while Mrs. Hilliard and ten-year-old Ralphie remain in the house as hostages. Meanwhile, the police search closes in inexorably, conducted by a deputy sheriff who has his own reasons for wanting to kill. The Hilliards are helpless. A murder occurs. The police move closer.

The Little Hut (drama)
by Andre Roussen

Produced by Gerald Holmes
Directed by Gerald Holmes

Cast: Jo Haviland, Blair Haviland, Paul Sutton, Barry Hammond.

Production Team: Greg Lang, Julian Snedker, Bill Corcoran, Paul Renault, David Van Ryn, Rick Forrestall, Diane Fennel, Herta Park, Christine Murcutt, Gerald Holmes, Jo Haviland, Gary Hatton, Carol Hatton, Lisa Butcher, Maria Nelson, Joanne Bastien.

Synopsis: Three people, Susan and Philip Ashlow and Henry Brittingham-Brett have washed ashore on a deserted island after a shipwreck. Henry is Susan's lover. Since the island is filled with things to eat, they can concentrate on the love triangle between the men and the woman.


1973-1974 (Whitby Theatre Company)

Dirty Works At The Crossroads  (comedy)
by Bill Johnson

Produced by Greg Land
Directed by Barry Hammond assisted by Kathy Gilmore

Cast: Sidney Lang, Herta Park, Shirley Upton, Bert Heaver, Mary Ellen Soltys, Julian Snedker, Carol Hatton, Marg Avison, Blair Haviland, Kathy Dewey.

Production Team: Greg Lang, Kathy Gilmore, Wilf Wall, Bessie Gilmore, Eve Heaver, Betty Michaud, Catherine Schell, Margaret Wilde, Pat Green, Jan Vickers, Christine Murcott, Tom Brown, Peers Davidson, Jean Farquharson, Bev Smith, Doris Beaton.

Synopsis: This play tells in laughable style the tear-jerking story of Nellie Lovelace, an innocent country girl. Munro, the viper, has a wife in Ida Rhinegold, the belle of the New Haven Music Halls, but that does not prevent him from pursuing Nellie and tearing her from the arms of her dying mother (whom he has poisoned). Nor does it prevent him from driving Adam Oakhart, the blacksmith's son, to drink, from blackmailing rich Mrs. Asterbilt, or from bewitching her daughter, Leonie.


1972-1973 (Whitby Theatre Company)

On Monday Next  (comedy)
by Philip King

Produced by Malcolm Schell
Directed by Blair Haviland

Cast: Red Lee, Harry Chapman, Jo Haviland, Julian Snedker, Jean Henderson, Sandy Elizuk, Tracy Sager, Greg Lang, Carol Hatton, Mary Ellen Soltys, Howard Joynt, Tony Harrison, Wilfred Wall.

Production Team: Sidney Lang, Debbie Phinn, Gary Hatton, Don Michie, Harry Chapman, Freddie Bryant, Janet Vickers, Tonu Harrison, Irene Harvey, Barbara Cook, Brenda Jackson, Eric Sullivan.

Synopsis: A reputable English comedy in the grand tradition of the theatre. A repertory company is holding the second rehearsal for next week's play, and things are proceeding in customary confusion. 


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