1988-1989 (Whitby Courthouse Theatre)

Kismet (musical)
Music and Lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest
Book by Charles Lederer and Luther Davis

Produced by Lamie Rosen
Directed by Michael Roantree

Cast: Ted McIlwain, Rick Pritchard, Tim Nelson, Evert McIlwain, John Villeneuve, Reg Gutsole, John Francom, Garvin Farr, Lorie Easton-Flynn, Harold O'Brien, Bernard Meales, Liz Smith, Gary Hatton, David Rabjohn, Bev McIlwain, Debra Smith, Laila Drain, Joan Roantree, Jan Pettafor, Judy Levy, Peggy Gillis, Heather Sessions, Eileen Murray, Janet Rigley, Marcie Polson, Harry Anderton, Marilyn Roberts, Barb Farrow, Marg Nelson, Jan Vickers, Karen Kelly

Band: Diana Mackie, Wally Harper, Elizabeth Wallace, Andrea Hobbs, Al Mote, Terry Merrick, Mike Onyschuk, Ross Jull, Brian Cooper, Kathy Coltof, Anna Jaronik

Production Team: Boyd Tattrie, Lamie Rosen, Michael Roantree, Evert McIlwain, Kathy Dube, Carol Hatton, Norman Kitney, Diana Mackie, Myra White, Harry Anderton, Paul Spencer, Carol Millet, David Levy, John Griffin, Rob Rigley, Tom Griffin, Will Davidson, Allan Walkinshaw, Sandra Hawkshaw, Nancy Davidson, Marg Edwards, Janice Brown, Karen McMillan, Bette Morrison, Rowena Bridger, Janet Rigley, Anne Eccles, Barb Proudfoot, Joan Roantree, Vivian Tattrie, Sandra Hunt, Doris Galloway, Marcie Polson, Muriel Smith, Susan Patron, Barb Hubert, Edvie Williston, Mary Roney, Barb Farrow, Marilyn Roberts, Jan Pettafor, Peggy Gillis, Cynthia Griffin, Marlene Gutsole, Andrew Francom, Joe Hatton, Tony Bingham, Archie Hubert, Rob Rigley, Barbara Lloyd, Kevin Arbour, Patricia Green, Hermine Weiss, Graham Gauthier, Tammy Dorman, Wendy Alers, Donna Pritchard, Joan Osmok, Myrna Bayliss, Jane Nelson, Joan Ryza, Joan Roantree, Garvin Farr, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: With extreme cleverness and a fair amount of luck, the poor street poet, Hajj, rises from the streets of Baghdad to being crowned as Emir by the Wazir of Baghdad. Meanwhile, the Wazir is desperately trying to find a wealthy foreign princess for the Caliph to marry. This plan hits a snag when the Caliph falls in love with Hajj's beautiful daughter, Marsinah, without the knowledge of Hajj. Thus, Hajj is helping the Wazir but risking losing his son-in-law. After a series of adventures, the Caliph and Marsinah are able to continue their love affair while Hajj is rewarded by gaining the affections of the Wazir's sexy widow, Lalume.

Noises Off (comedy)
by Michael Frayn

Produced by Lamie Rosen
Directed by Henry Schregardus

Cast: Carol Miller, Boyd Tattrie, Evert McIlwain, Bronwyn Powell, Naomi Vondell, Michael Roantree, Monique Essegern, Harry Anderton, Ted McIlwain

Production Team: Vivian Tattrie, Lamie Rosen, Henry Schregardus, David Stone, Wendy Alers, Lanie Anderson, Archie Hubert, Claude Lavoie, Paul Spencer, John Griffin, Harry Anderton, Gareth Anderton, Debra Smith, Boyd Tattrie, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Garvin Farr, Mark Edwardson, Tasha DiZazzo, Mark Edwardson Jr., Sean Sinclair-Day, Bev McIlwain, Judith Underwook, Lanie Anderson, Harry Anderton, Gareth Anderton, Edith Fox, Kien Keil, Kevin Arbour, Retta Reilly, Sandy Cairns, Joan Roantree, Laila Drain, Delores Holliday, Sandra Hawkshaw, Barb Hubert, Janet Vickers, Susan Farr, Rose Grabinsky, Eve Heaver, Judy Levy, Carol Hatton, Joe Hatton, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: A fond look at the follies of theatre folk, whose susceptibility to out-of-control egos, memory loss, and passionate affairs turn every performance into a high-risk adventure. This play-within-a-play captures a touring theatre troupe’s production of "Nothing On" in three stages: dress rehearsal, the opening performance, and a performance towards the end of a debilitating run. Frayne gives us a window into the inner workings of theatre behind the scenes, progressing from flubbed lines and missed cues in the dress rehearsal to mounting friction between cast members in the final performance. 

Picnic (drama)
by William Inge

Produced by Christopher Francom
Directed by John H. Foote

Cast: Steve Foote, Sherri Todd, Frances Helyar, Geoff VIckers, Pan Dyck, Cheri Nelles-Bakker, Joan Roantree, Jason Birch, Sarah Brown, Ingrid Sellers, Bill Peel

Production Team: Christopher Francom, John H. Foote, Mark Edwardson, Eileen Murray, John Villeneuve, Rhonda Davies, Claude Lavoie, Archie Hubert, Tim Nelson, Paul Spencer, Bonnie Edwardson, Graham Gauthier, Susan Hubert, Lynn Reif, Gary Reif, Kevin Arbour, Hermine Weiss, Janet Vickers, Tracy Casteels, Kathryn Cleveland, Sandra Hawkshaw, Barbara Hubert, Jeremy Smith, Garvin Farr, Joe Szekeres, Bob Nerson, Lamie Rosen, Boyd Tattrie.

Synopsis: Emotions are ignited amongst the complacent townsfolk when a handsome drifter arrives in a small Kansas community on the morning of the Labour Day picnic.

The Creature Creeps (drama)
by Jack Sharky

Produced by Boyd Tattrie and Vivian Tattrie
Directed by David Stone

Cast: Phil Rickaby, Lanie Anderson, Kevin Arbour, Melonie Hopkins, Geoff Jones, Heather Barry, Paul Gottwald, Krista Davidson, Jennifer Reeks, Lisa Arbour, Saley Peel, Lori Dance

Production Team: Boyd Tattrie, Vivian Tattrie, David Stone, Henry Schregardus, Debra Smith, Theresa Stout, Carolyn Dewar, Janet Vickers, Graham Gauther, Claude Lavoie, David Raabjohn, Rob Rigley, Lisa Rundle, Ken Keil, Elaine Vickers, Tanya Shaw, Matthew Jobin, Samantha George, Steven Arbour, Kevin Harper, Nada Batinic, Lamie Rosen, Garvin Farr, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: This hilarious send up of the horror story genre has an ancient castle, creaking doors, a mad scientist, his misshapen assistant, a grim housekeeper, secret laboratory, shrieks from the depths of the cellar, disappearing villagers, an incredibly stalwart and stupid hero of sterling character, the scientist's absolutely dopey daughter, and so many laughs you'll lose count. The setting (designed for both proscenium and in the round performances) is the parlor of Castle Von Blitzen in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania. Where is the Baron Von Blitzen's secret laboratory? That's what the terrified villagers would like to know and when the scientist and his assistant convert the innocent parlor into a fiend's experimental station, the ingenuity of the set provokes both laughter and applause.

Dreams (Youth Group production)
by Boyd Tattrie

Directed by Boyd Tattrie
Musical Directoed by Myra Whyte

Cast: Jeffery Danby, Jonathan Dunn, Lori Dance, Jensena Campbell, Shannon Cooper, Jessica Sherin, Grace Mazzotta, Patricia Mizzi, Marci Brown, Vanessa Barisic, Sarah Oldman, Charlene Saroyan, Erin Grainger, Nicole Johansen, Adam Hyatt, Scott Pritchard, Shannon Hill, Kevin Harper, Carolyn Dewar, Tasha DiZazzo, Jean O'Brien

Pianist: Myra Whyte

Production Team: Boyd Tattrie, Claude Lavoie, Myra Whyte, Debra Smith, Henry Schregardus, Kevin Arbour, David Stone, Lanie Anderson, Geoff Jones, Keane Keil, Vivian Tattrie, Sandra Hawkshaw, Lamie Rosen, Garvin Farr, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: This has been a workshop show in the true sense of the word, in that much of what happens on stage is based directly on suggestions from the cast. Their contributions of ideas and enthusiasm have shaped this show.

1987-1988 (Whitby Courthouse Theatre)

Oklahoma! (musical) 
Book by Oscar Hammerstein II
Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Produced by Michael Roantree
Directed by Garvin Farr
Musical Directed by Evert McIlwain
Choreographed by Debra Smith

Cast: Frances Helyar, Evert McIlwain, Mary Roney, Ted Sellers, Harold O'Brien, Bernard Beales, Chris Davies, Jim Small, Rhonda Davies, Frank McNutty, Cathy Booth, Heather Sessions, Mary Lou Graham, Bev McIlwain, Judy Levy, Christine Frechette, Henry Schregardus, Ross McCartney, Andrew Francom, Steve Noble, Robert Clarkson, John Villeneuve, Barb Farrow, Melanie Hopkins, Marg Nelson, Jennifer Reeks, Joan Roantree, Ingrid Sellers, Tanya Shaw, Emma Talbot, Karen West

Production Team: Henry Schregardus, Michael Roantree, Garvin Farr, Evert McIlwain, Debra Smith, Diana Mackie, Myra White, Harry Anderton, John Francom, Sandra Hawkshaw, Nancy Davidson, Vivian Tattrie, Daren McMillan, Barb Proudfoot, Delores Holliday, Doreen McCartney, Janice Kerr, Barb Farrow, Ingred Sellers, Ted Sellers, Joan Roantree, Lisa Rundle, Paul Spencer, Boyd Tattrie, David Levy, Will Davidson, Harry Young, Ann Syme, Lamie Rosen, Susan Farr, Bernard Beales, Mary Roney, John Griffin, Cynthia Griffin, Tony Bingham, Jim Savyan, Peter Thrasher, Dave Mitchall, Reta Reilly, Carol Hatton, Judy Levy, Eve Heaver, Tammy Dorman, Jan Vickers, Joan Agnew, Barb Utton, Steve Noble, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: Set in Western Indian Territory just after the turn of the 20th Century, the spirited rivalry between the local farmers and cowboys provides the backdrop for the love story between Curly, a handsome cowboy, and Laurey, a beautiful farm girl. The road to true love is anything but smooth, but there is no doubt that these two romantics will succeed in making a life together. As the road to romance and the road to statehood converge, Curly and Laurey are poised to spend their new life together in a brand new state: O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A - OKLAHOMA!

Bethune (drama)
by Rod Langley

Produced by Carol Hatton
Directed by Judith Edmondson

Cast: Brian Stevenson, Ron Getz, Sherri Ellegett, Reg McIntyre, Joan Roantree, Graham Gauthier, Leanne Ottenbrite, John Francom, Janet Vickers, Gary Hatton, Bill Peel, Ruth Bodolay, Jack Diamond, Christine Frechette, Marion Dennis.

Production Team: Henry Schregardus, Carol Hatton, Judith Edmondson, D'Arcy Smyth, Margery Bird, Gerry van Hezewyk, Eve Heaver, Graham Gauthier, Jim Sabyan, Susan McIntyre, Lamie Rosen, Bob Nelson, Joe Szekeres, Bert Heaver, Jack Diamond, Mira Blake, Allan Walkinshaw, Jim Small, Leanne Ottenbrite, Christine Frechette, Rhonda Davies, Michelle Bodnar, Sheila Rogerson, Judy Levy, Helen Smith, Lisa Rundle, Ronny Klaassen, Cynthia Griffin, John Griffin, Vivian Tattrie, Boyd Tattrie, Sandra Hawkshaw, Gary Hatton

Synopsis: Set in landscapes which move from Detroit to China, Bethune is a study of how one man’s vision may shape the world. In this play, Rod Langley attempts to chronicle the journey of Dr. Norman Bethune toward his final destiny

Bed Before Yesterday (drama)
by Ben Travers

Produced by Lamie Rosen
Directed by Michael Roantree assisted by Evert McIlwain

Cast: Frances Helyer, Jim Renshaw, Rose Masters, Barb Farrow, Bev McIlwain, Scott Griffin, Harry Anderton, Garvin Farr

Production Team: Henry Schregardus, Lamie Rosen, Michael Roantree, Evert McIlwain, Jim Small, Joan Roaantree, Shane Smith, Karen McMillan, Betty Morrison, Archie Hubert, David Levy, John Griffin, Barb Hubert, Cynthia Griffin, Sandra, Hackshaw, Barbara Farrow, Barbara Proudfoot, Del Holiday, Nancy Davidson, Vivian Tattrie, Judy Levy, Tammy Dorman, Sysan Farr, Anthony Bingham, John Villeneuve, Jim Sabyan, Ken Keil, Karen Joyner, Reta Reilly, Brenda Small, Joe Hatton, Joe Szekeres, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: The recently married Gerald Popkiss had been installed in a seaside cottage by his ferocious old boot of a sister-in-law, Gertrude Twine, but his wife is delayed, and in the middle of the night a beautiful young woman begs admittance dressed only in her dew-soaked pajamas and on the run from her ferocious German stepfather.

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (musical)
Music & Lyrics by Clark Gesner
Book by John Gordon

Produced by Joe Szkeres
Directed by David Stone

Synopsis: Charles Schulz’s beloved comic comes to life in Clark Gesner’s classic musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. The whole gang is here: bossy Lucy is hopelessly in love with piano prodigy Schroeder who doesn’t give her the time of day, perfectionist Sally is still mocking blanket-toting Linus, Snoopy is in the doghouse, and “blockhead,” himself, Charlie Brown, is in rare form.

Echoes (Youth Group production)
Book by Henry Schregardus

Produced by Boyd Tattrie assisted by David Stone
Directed by Henry Schregardus

Cast: Kevin Arbour, Jeffrey Denby, Candace Harbin, Ian Henderson, Melonie Hopkins, Patricia Mizzi, Jennifer Reeks, Suzy Bennett, Carolyn Dewar, Bert Heaver, Shannon Hill, Adam Hyatt, Sarah Oldman, Emma Talbot, Lisa Arbour, Julie McIvor, Tanya Shaw, Elaine Vickers

Production Team: Boyd Tattrie, David Stone, Henry Schregardus, Debra Smith, Myra White, Alan Walkinshaw, Kevin Arbour, Steven Arbour, Sandra Hawkshaw, Vivian Tattrie, Katherine Weaver, Lori Dance, Tasha Dizazzo, Lisa Arbour, Jon Sufrin, Bert Heaver, Michelle Jobin, Katie O'Malley, Lisa Rundle, Samantha George, Melissa George, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Lamie Rosen, Bob Nelson, Joe Szekeres, Jim Adriaensen

Synopsis: A Musical Revue by the Youth Group of the Whitby Courthouse Theatre.

1986-1987 (Whitby Little Theatre)

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (musical)
Book by Abe Burrows
Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser

Produced by Fay Drew
Directed by Rhonda Davies
Choreographer Debra Smith

Cast: Boyd Tattrie Georgina Willis, Anne Walker, Bill Peel, Gord Noble, Hayley Drew, Garvin Farr, Robert Grant, Mike Roantree, Bill Slater, Joe Szekeres, Steve Noble, Gerry Van Hezewyk, David Stone, Eve Heaver, Janet Loveday, Inez Rice, Barb Farrow, Tammy Dorman, Tasha DiZazzo, Judy Levy, Andrea Davidson, Joan Roantree, Ruth Bodoley

Production Team: Garvin Farr, Fay Drew, Rhonda Davies, Debra Smith, Diana Mackie, Stuart Drew, Jim Small, Sandra Hackshaw, Dianne Noble, Cynthia Griffin, Terrylea Mills, Eve Heaver, Mary Shepard, Vivian Tattrie, Nancy Davidson, Georgina Willis, Del Holliday, Barb Farrow, Barb Proudfoot, Brenda Peel, Henry Schregardus, John Griffin, Katherine Weaver, Bert Heaver, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Terru Cooksey, Adam Drew, Melonie Hopkins, Kim Proudfoot, Dianne Reeks, Jennifer Reeks, Debra Call, Susan Craig, Shanon Jervis, Jennine Bennett, Judy Levy, Janet Vickers, Steff Wood, Lisa Rundle, Bob Nelson, Lamie Rosen

Band: Diana Mackie, Lee Anderson, Elizabeth Wallace

Synopsis: A story about the triumph of the common man amid the buffoonery of big business. When a restless, creative, and ambitious window washer named J. Pierrepont Finch happens upon a book entitled "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", he decides to begin his rise up the corporate ladder. With the book’s instructions and a dose of his own cleverness, Finch starts by landing a job in the mailroom at the World Wide Wicket Company, before quickly gaining promotions and outsmarting his scheming, sniveling rival, Frump, who also happens to be the boss's nephew,until finally reaching the very top of the organization. From the very beginning, Finch has had the love and support of Rosemary, a marriage-minded secretary who recognizes Finch’s potential, and finds his innocent demeanour endearing. But in his single-minded pursuit of the top job, Finch is in danger of discounting Rosemary’s love. In a moment of crisis, Finch’s manual to success can no longer help him: he must rely on his own wits, and ultimately, his heart, to save the day.

The Importance of Being Earnest (comedy)
by Oscar Wilde

Produced by Carol Hatton
Directed by Mary Ellen Soltys

Cast: Rod Carley, Gerry Brooks, Dan Wyse, Norma Syme, Jane Edmondson, Ann Cowman, Monique Essegern, Jack Diamond, Harry Anderton

Production Team: Garvin Farr, Caron Hatton, Mary Ellen Soltys, Harry Anderton, Angela Vowles, Nina Foxall, Allan Walkinshaw, Boyd Tattrie, Bert Heaver, Harry Young, Joe Szekeres, Vivian Tattrie, Delores Holliday, Cynthia Griffin, John Griffin, Marjorie Bird, Gary Hatton, Janice Schram, Andrew Francom, John Francom, Joan Roantree, Mary Perkins, tashia Dizazzo, Retta Riley, Susan Craig, Graham Gauthier, Eve Heaber, Tony Bingham, Bob Nelson, Jane Edmondson, Judy Levy, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Allen Rosen, Jim Sabyan, Stuart Green, Cyndy Morin, Margaret Motum, Christopher Covert

Synopsis: Set in The Present (1985) in London, the play opens with Algernon Moncrieff, an idle young gentleman, receiving his best friend, whom he knows as Ernest Worthing. Ernest has come from the country to propose to Algernon's cousin, Gwendolen. Algernon, however, refuses his consent until Ernest explains why his cigarette case bears the inscription, From Little Cecily, with her fondest love to her dear Uncle Jack.

Wait Until Dark (drama)
by Frederick Knott

Produced by Debra Smith
Directed by Henry Schregardus

Cast: Rod Carley, Bill Peel, Graham Gauthier, Janet Loveday, David Stone, Jennifer Reeks, Stuart Drew, Paul Spencer

Production Team: Henry Schregardus, Debra Smith, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Tom MacDonald, Lisa Rundle, Steve Noble,  Kerri Marchall, Graham Gauthier, Christine Thompson, Chris Powell, Stuart Drew, Eve Heaver, Joe Szekeres, Bob Nelson, Chris Noble Bill Peel, Paul Spencer, Sean Farr, Hayley Drew, Garvin Farr, John Griffin, Eve Heaver. Cynthia Griffin, Lamie Rosen

Synopsis: A recently blinded woman is terrorized by a trio of thugs while they search for a heroin-stuffed doll they believe is in her apartment.

Time Step (Whitby Little Theatre Youth Group musical)
by Lisa Rundle

Directed by Lisa Rundle
Produced by Debra Smith
Musical Directed by Kevin Arbour
Choreographed by Jennifer Reeks

Cast: Emma Talbot, Jennifer Reeks, Bryan Guilfoil, Kevin Arbour, Sean Farr, Lisa Arbour, Sarah Leaney, Sarah Arfai, Sally Peel, Samantha George, Emily Heard, Bethany Wilson, Tanya Shaw, Tara Stolk, Adam Andrew, Melonie Hopkins, Kim Proudfoot, Kelly Proudfoot, Clifford Branton, Carolyn Dewar

Production Team: Lisa Rundle, Debra Smith, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Kevin Arbour, Jennifer Reeks, Paul Arbour, David Stone, Steven Arbour, Steve Noble, Paul Arbour, Clifford Branton, Bryan Guilfoil, Sarah Leaney, Kelly Proudfoot, Jennifer Reeks, Tanya Shaw, Gary Stolk, Kevin Pearce, Eve Heaver, Lamie Rosen, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: Time Step takes place one summer night at Camp Improv on the Lake – a theatre camp in the wilds of Whitby. Join the counselors and the campers for a day and a night they'll never forget.

Musical Memories (musical revue)

Directed by Garvin Farr

Cast: Delores Holiday, Jackie Theriault, Liz Clayton, Rhonda Davies, Scott Griffin, Janet Loveday, David Stone, Joan Roantree, Heather Sessions, Helon George, Jennifer Reeks, Anne Walker, Melonie Hopkins, Frances Helyar, Steve Noble

Production Team: Garvin Farr, Lamie Rosen, Diana Mackie, Nancy Harknoll,  Tony Bingham, Allan Rosen, Stuart Drew, Peter Thrasher, John Griffin, Cynthia Griffin, Jennifer Reeks, David Stone, Melonie Hopkins, Andrea Davidson

Synopsis: A fundraising musical revue.

1985-1986 (Whitby Little Theatre)

Fiddler On The Roof (musical)
Book by Joseph Stein
Music by Jerry Bock
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Produced by Lisa Rundle
Directed by Bert Heaver
Musical Director Jim Ashley

Cast: Gord Fulton, Carole MacNeil, Janice Kerr, Carol Laing, Mary Roney, Shelly Siersma, Julia Moffatt, Del Holliday, David Laing, Rick Kerr, Frank McNulty, Ross McCartney, Jack Willis, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Jim Walker, Ted Culp, Marg Nelson, Jackie Waugh, Phil Pizak, Joe Szekeres, Sherri Ellegett, Joan Roantree

Band: Bob Dudar, Leslie Siklos, Tim Slocombe, Nancy Reitmuller, Andy Uronowski, Liz Lambert, Norman Engel, Rick James, Dave Roe, Ed Hoad, Carol McGrath, Ed Morton

Production Team: Bert Heaver, Lisa Rundle, Jim Ashley, Eve Heaver, Rhonda Davies, Stu Drew, Harry Anderton, Lamile Rosen, Ann Syme, Judy Levy, Carole MacNeil, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Brenda Turansky, Graham Gauthier, Helen George, Lovette May, Michelle Johnson, Marjorie Bird, Dave Levy Paul Spencer, Garvin Farr, Allen Rosen, Will Gay, Denise Hopkins, Cynthia Griffin, Marie Waugh, Doreen McCartney, Dawn Hembling, Retta Reilly, Debbie Carr, Susan Craig, Lana Rickard, Janet Vickers, Linda Waszchuk, Jamie Carr, Carole Miller, Jill Walker, Bob Neison, Carol Hatton, Jerry Brooks

Synopsis: Based on Sholom Aleichem’s "Tevye and his Daughters", Fiddler on the Roof is the beloved story of the small, tradition-steeped town of Anatevka, Russia, where Jews and Russians live in delicate balance. During the course of the show, the time honored traditions of Anatevka are both embraced and challenged by Tevye and his colorful community, as they witness his daughters, Tzeitel, Hodel and Chava, grow up and fall in love in a time of extraordinary change. Fiddler on the Roof’s Broadway premier became the longest-running Broadway musical in history, a title it maintained for almost ten years. It is a story that captures the essential human longings for love, community, success, freedom, family, and meaning.

Amadeus (drama)
by Peter Shaffer

Produced by Doreen Smyth
Directed by Christopher Covert

Cast: Jim Cheyne, Gerry Brooks, D'Arcy Smyth, Mike Roantree, John Francom, Rick Kerr, Greg Lang, Harry Young, Jack Diamond, Stuart Drew, Frank McNulty, Mary Lou Graham, Mary Roney, Susan Craig, Harold O'Brien, Heather Sessions, Paul Spencer, Boyd Tattrie, Anita Kendall, Allen Rosen, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Jamie Tompkins, Paul Gemmel

Production Team: Christopher Covert, Doreen Smyth, Fay Drew, Sidney Lang, Garvin Farr, Harry Anderton, Karen Home, Bette Morrison, Bill Shepherd, Stuart Drew, Deoff Evelyn, Ray John, Bob Falconer, Bob Morrison, Bill Finlay, David Levy, David Adams, Tim Badgley, Nancy McHugh, Lisa Rundle, Cynthia Griffin, Judy Levy, Ann Syme, Delores Holliday, David Epstein, Hayley Drew, Scott Griffil, Roz Michaels, Heather Sessions, Paul Barnard, Gill Walker, Karen Home, Bette Morrison, Lamie Rosen, Mary Pilling, Marilyn Quintin, Angela Marley, Connie Nakatsu, Wendy Evelyn, Rosemary Oxenham, Maureen Gorman, Jutta Schneider, MaryShepherd, Claudea Kirkham, Miar Cove, Retta Reilly, Jane Stevens, Cathy Anthony, Doreen McCartney, Sue Johnson, Josie Szczur, Heidi Weber, Julia Lockhard, Nancy Davidson, Marg Stewart, Cynthia Griffin, Sue Hiett, Sally Charette, Ann Falconer, Helma Malcher, Mary Kulich, Julie Atkins, Iris Jenkins, Lily Eichelberg, Isabel Tayne, Vivian Tattrie, Cathy Plue, Ann Reeks, Iris McNulty, Ruth Joness, Hilda Dunbar, Ruth Adamcewicz, Edrie Williston, Marilyn Nadeau, Francine Tkalec, Mary Roney, Louise Kline, Janice Kerr, Michelle Heroux, Flo Spencer, June Wright, Geoff Cresswell, Janusha Zurowski, Maureen Green, Joan Roantree, Bev Fowler, Eve Heaver, Judy Levy, Janer Vickers, Graham Gauthier, Gillian Hodgson, Derek Hodgson, Anita Lepp, Sandra Brown, Sharon Jerots, Hayley Drew, Jan Cosburn, Alida, Greg Lang, Mary Perkins, Wayne Garrett, Tony Bingham, Bert Heaver, Carol Hatton, Retta Reilly, Bob Nelson, Barb Farrow, David Rabjohn, Gerry Brooks, Carol Laing, Doreen Smyth

Synopsis: In the court of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, Antonio Salieri is the established composer. Enter the greatest musical genius of all time: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salieri has given himself to God so that he might realize his sole ambition, to be a great composer. Mozart is a foul-mouthed, graceless oaf who has that which is beyond Salieri’s envious grasp: Genius.

Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (comedy)
by Ed Graczyk

Produced by Debra Smith
Directed by Bert Kirkham

Cast: Louise Lubianchuk, Janet Loveday, Tom MacDonald, Sherri Neilson-Duncan, Haley Drew, Sharon Walmsley, Rhonda Davies, Carol Hatton

Production Team: Bert Kirkham, Debra Smith, Fay Drew, HenrySchregardus, Gerry Van Hezewys, Paul Spencer, John Griffin, Garry Brooks, Dennis Hopkins, Ryan Christie, Stuart Drew, Cynthia Griffin, Lisa Rundle, Hayley Drew, Laura Mullin, Ann Goods, Peter Thrasher, Rhonda Davies, Mary Perkins, Ann Reeks, Janet Lambert, Sue Norley, Doreen McCartney, Tom MacDonald, Debbie Drew, Gary Hatton, Eve Heaver, Janet Vickers, Bob Nelson, Barb Farrow

Synopsis: In a small-town dime store in West Texas, the “Disciples of James Dean” gather for their twentieth reunion. Now middle-aged women, they were teenagers when Dean filmed Giant two decades ago in nearby Marfa. One of them, an extra in the film, has a child whom she says was conceived with Dean during the shoot. The ladies’ congenial reminiscences mingle with flashbacks to their youth; then the arrival of a stunning-but-familiar stranger sets off a series of confrontations that smash their delusions and expose bitter disappointments.

Li'l Abner (Youth Group musical)
Book by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank
Music by Gene De Paul
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

Produced by Fay Drew
Directed by Nina Foxall

Cast: Charmaine Chung, Jamie Tompkins, Jeff Tompkins, Drew Irwin, Michelle Stratton, Kirsten Crilley, Koren Smith, Nicole Dizazzo, Tasha Dizazzo, Lisa Gorman, Kevin Atbour, Anthony Harty, Jamie Brama, Kelly Proudfoot, Melodie Hopkins, Tara Clayton, Pam Masey, Andrea Davidson, Lanie Anderson, Tanya Shaw, Elaine Vickers, Kim Proudfoot, Stacie Beavis, Jackie Waugh, Sean Farr, Steven Arbour, Paul Gemmell, Stewart Smith, Kerrie Marshall, Dawn Lawson, David Marder, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Adam Drew, Jamie Brama, Ken Van Dermeulen, Anthony Harty, Richark Goguen, Dennis Hopkins, Kevin Gorman, Jamie Vosters, Richard Goguen, Lisa Coulson, Stuart Smith

Production Team: Nina Foxall, Fay Drew, John Stefaniuk, Deb Smith, Jackie Waugh, Lori Gemmel, Lanie Anderson, Diane Anderson, Graham Gauthier, Jamie Carr, Deanne Reeks, Eve Heaber, Diana Mackie, Jim Renshaw, Scott Griffin, Neil Whiteside, Will Gay, Deanne Reeks, Chris Noble, Henry Schregardus, John Grillin, Jamie Tompkins, Jeff Tompkins, Will Davidson Gerry Van Hezewyk, David Marder, Sean Farr, Anthony Harty, Adam Drew, Richard Goguen, Graham Gauthier, Cynthia Griffin, Shannon Jervis, Lanie Anderson, Charmaine Chung, Andrea Davidson, Kim Proudfoot, Pam Masey, Dawn Lawson, Venessa Beth, Kerrie Marshall, Shelly Coulson, Michelle Johnson, Lisa Arbour, Stuart Drew, Nancy Davidson, Liz Clayton, Jennifer Reeks, Debbie Carr, Janet Vickers, Barb Farrow, Jennifer Adair, Ann Reeks, George Waugh

Synopsis:  Based on Andy Capp’s beloved comic strip, it’s a typical day in wretched and picturesque Dogpatch, USA, and the local yokels are up to their usual tricks: brewing moonshine, cuddling pigs, and collecting unemployment. Beautiful Daisy Mae is pining after strong handsome Li’l Abner, an unsentimental youth who escapes her pursuit to go fishing. But when Dogpatch is chosen for an atomic test site, and Daisy Mae is claimed in marriage by dirty wrestler Earthquake McGoon, Li’l Abner has to step up and fight for the things he doesn’t know he loves. Guided and guarded by traveling preacher Marryin’ Sam, Li’l Abner travels to Washington, DC, where he tangles with a gaggle of goofy scientists, unscrupulous capitalist General Bullmoose, and scheming minx Appassionata Von Climax. Experience the suspense of a Cornpone Meeting, the romantic free-for-all that is the Sadie Hawkins Day race--where the girls put on their running shoes to catch themselves a groom--and the shenanigans that ensue when a snooty Washington, DC, engagement party is invaded by Hillbillies.

1984-1985 (Whitby Little Theatre)

The Women (drama)
by Clare Boothe Luce

Produced by Stewart Drew
Directed by Paul Spencer

Cast: Roz Michaels, Sidney Lang, Helen George, Retta Reilly, Rhonda Davies, Monique Essegern, Joan Rundle, Lovett May, Debra Car, Sherri Ellegett, Lisa Rundle, Shirley Upton, Judy Levy, Marg Nelson, Andrea Davidson, Joan Roantree, Liz Clayton, Pat Long, Carol Northan, Dorothy Maderson, Mira Blake, Ann Race, Sandra Jensen, Lang Rickard, Hayley Drew, Heather Sessions, Barb Farrow, Janet Vickers, Carolin Heart, Kathy Brazier, Carol Hatton, Donna Goulding, Carol Hancock, Fay Drew

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Stuart Drew, Tony Bingham, Fay Drew, D'Arcy Smyth, John Francom, Allan Rosen, Phil Pizak, Nancy Davidson, Liz Clayton, Mary Shpeerd, Barb Proudfoot, Doleres Holliday, Rosemary Crilly, Gary Hermon, Jamie Carr, Brian Johnson, Chris Davies, Will Davidson, Wally Jones, David Laing, Ted Reeks, John Griffin, George Heffer, Raymond Adams, Michael Race, Adam Drew, Helen George, Lisa Rundle, Scott Griffin, Lisa Rundle, Anita Kendall, Judy Levy, Rhonda Davies, Hayley Drew, MaryLou Graham, June Geddis, Monique Essegern, Deebee Chorney, Grace McDonald, Kathy Brazier, Debra Carr, Lovett May, June Geddis, Mary Howard, Gary Hermon, Marylin Graham,  Bob Nelson, Gary Hatton, Bert Heaver, Doreen Smyth

Synopsis: Varied scenes that shows us not only a somewhat unflattering picture of womanhood, but digging under the surface, reveals a human understanding for and sympathy with some of its outstanding figures. The plot involves the efforts of a group of women to play their respective roles in an artificial society that consists of vain show, comedy, tragedy, hope and disappointment.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (drama)
by Tennessee Williams

Produced by Joan Roantree
Directed by Garvin Farr

Cast: Harold O'Brien, Sandra Brown, Susan Craig, Joe Orecchio, Carol Miller, Michael Roantree, Joan Roantree, Melonie Hopkins, Brad Kendall, Adam Drew, Crystal Somers, Garry Hatton, Paul Mutch, Ashley Smith

Production Team: Tony Binghan, Joan Roartree, Garvin Farr,  Lamie Rosen, Ross McCartney, Scott Griffin, Elizabeth Clayton, Ann Syme, Tim Noble, Peter Tyrell, Gerry Brooks, Allen Rosen, Will Davidson, Gohn Green Ashley Smith, Harold O'Brien, Bill Sheppard, Paul Spencer, David Levy, Brian Johnson, Berry Van Hezewick, Sean Farr, Brad Kendall, Jeff Evelyn, John Graham, Colin Syme, Clifford McGray, Carol Hatton, Anita Kendall, Judy Levy, Haley Drew, Laurel Hansen, Donna Goulding, Patricia Edwards

Synopsis: Brick, an alcoholic ex-football player, drinks his days away and resists the affections of his wife, Maggie. His reunion with his father, Big Daddy, who is dying of cancer, jogs a host of memories and revelations for both father and son.

The Night of January 16th (drama)
by Ayn Rand

Produced by Greg Lang
Directed by Bert Kirkham

Cast: Elfie Hotchkins, Stuart Drew, Gary Hatton, Claude Vipond, Joyce Benvenuti, Dan Wyse, Monique Essegern, Gary Brooks, Ann Cowman, Reginald Todd, Sydney Lang, Anita Kendall, Bill Peel, Margaret Clark, Elizabeth Clayton, George Ludgate, Janice Kerr, Joe Szekeres, Rick Kerr, Roz Michaels, Carol Hatton, Ashley Smith

Synopsis: To the world, he was a startlingly successful international tycoon, head of a vast financial empire. To his beautiful secretary-mistress, he was a god-like hero to be served with her mind, soul and body. To his aristocratic young wife, he was an elemental force of nature to be tamed. To his millionaire father-in-law, he was a giant whose single error could be used to destroy him.

Sounds Great (musical revue)

Produced by Bert Heaver
Directed by Jim Ashley

Cast: Joanne Ashley, Barbara Bone, Wally Bone, Bill Clarke, Ted Culp, Fred Fleming, Ian Forbes, Bev Fowler, Harriet Bolton, Sharon Hunt, Melanie MacLeod, Charlie O'Connor, Marilyn Rahme, Julie Sharrard, Ted Sellers, Carol McGrath

Band: Doris Beaton, Ed Hoad, Steve Smith, Alan Mote, Mike Onyshuk, Rory McGrath, Man Hunt

Production Team: Stuart Drew, Tony Bingham Jamie Carr, Paul Middleton, Peter Thrasher, Eve Heaver, Gary Hatton, Lune Lewis, Margaret Nelson, Carole McNeil

Synopsis: Musical review.

A Collection of Classics III (Youth Group musical review)

Directed by Scott Griffin, Allen Rosen, and Jeff Tompkins

Cast: Jennifer Adair, Lanie Anderson, Kevin Arbour, Steven Arbour, Lisa Arbour, Mark Blackburn, Daria Cameron, Lisa Cameron, Charmaine Chung, Tara Clayton, Matt Craig, Stacey Craig, Kirsten Crilly, Jill Culver, Andrea Davidson, Sean Farr, Tracy Farr, Jim Gallanders, Helen George, Jason Gleaves, Lisa Gorman Cathy Henderson, Mark Howard, Susan Howard, Michelle Johnson, Nicole Johnson, David Marder, Kerrie Marshall, Pam Masey, David Mercer, Graham Mutch, Helen Mary Mutch, Bonnie Newell, Chris Noble, Kelly Proudfoot, Kim Proudfoot, Deanne Reeks, Jennifer Reeks, Allan Rosen, Serena Van Allen, Gerry Van Hezewick

Production Team: Scott Griffin, Allen Rosen, Jeff Tompkins, Helen George, Tracy Farr, Mark Howard, Kim Harmon, Deanne Reek, Jennifer Reeks, Kerrie Marshall, Susan Howard, Chris Noble, Paul Oliver, Steve Kelly, Gerry Van Hezewick, Michelle Johnson, Nicole Johnson, Susan Howard, Lisa Camreon, Julian Donovan, Steve Kelly, Paul Arbour, Deanne Reeks, Garvin Farr, Paul Mutch, Lamie Rosen, Rhonda Davies, Ann Reeks, Mary Howard, Dianne Noble, Delores Holliday, Suzanne Johnson, Susan Craig, Fay Drew, Stuart Drew

Synopsis: A Youth Group musical revue.

Top Hat and Sneakers (Youth Group musical review)

Produced by Ann Reekes
Directed by Rhonda Davies

Cast: Jennifer Adair, Lanie Anderson, Tracy Armston, Lara Batherson, Paul Bland, Charmaine Chung, Kirsten Crilly, Lisa Coulson, Timea Csizy, Andrea Davidson, Adam Drew, Shaun Demeris, Kelly Demeris, Jim Gallanders, Paul Gemmell, Lisa Gorman, Kevin Gaetz, Mark Howard, Susan Howard, Melonie Hopkins, Julie Jamieson, Micole Johnson, Charlie Kirby, Stephanie Kirby, Brad Kendall, Pam Masey, David Marder, Derrie Marshall, Chris Noble, Kim Proudfoot, Kelly Proudfoot, Deanne Reeks, Jennifer Reeks, Allan Rosen, Krista Richards, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Elaine Vickers, Karen Vickers

Production Team: Rhonda Davies, Ann Reeks, Michelle Johnson, Nancy Park, Charmaine Chung, Mark Howard, Deanne Reeks, Suzanne Johnson, David Marder, Gord Noble, Brian Johnson, Stan Howard, Stuart Drew, Paul Mace, Dennis Hopkins, Steve Kelly, Tracy Farr, Sean Farr, Mary Howard, Lavie Rosen, Fay Drew, Susan Howard, Michelle Johnson, Stacie Beavis

Synopsis: Youth Group musical revue.

Bye Bye Birdie (musical)

Book by Michael Stewart
Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics by Lee Adams

Produced by Lamie Rosen
Directed by Garvin Farr

Cast: Allen Rosen, Tracy Farr, Nicole Johnson, Lisa Gorman, Lanie Anterson, Andrea Davidson, Steven Arbour, David Marder, Jim Gallanders, Jennifer Adair, Kim Proudfoot, Jill Culver, Kevin Arbour, Mark Howard, Pam Masey, Deanne Reeks, Susan Howard, Scott Griffin, Jennefer Reeks, Lisa Arbour, Stacey Craig, Michelle Johnson, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Charmaine Chung, Paul Gemell, Sean Farr, Lori Armour, Susan Lettner, Lara Batherson, Kerrie Marshall, Jame Tompkins, Jeff Tompkins, Julie Jamieson, Serena Thatcher, Tara Clayton, Kristen Crilly, Lisa Cameron, Simone Fishlock, Melanie Hopkins, Cathy Henderson

Production Team: Tony Bingham, Lamie Rosen, Garvin Farr, Rhonda Davies, Paul Mutch, Mary Roney, Helen George, Lorne Wesley, Suzanne Johnson, Cynthia Griffin, Lamie Rosen, Mary Howard, Ann Reeks, Susan Craig, Mrs. Jamieson, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Tompkins, Mrs Masey, Linda Culver, Fay Drew, Mrs. Proudfoot, Mrs. Van Hezewyk, Cathy Arbour, Nancy Davidson, Diane Anderson, Susan Craig, Judy Levy, Joan Roantree, Anita Kendall, Bob Nerson, Bert Heaver, Fay Drew, Stuart Drew, Gary Hatton, Brian Johnson, Ted Reeks, Will Davidson, John Griffin, Stan Howard Gavan Crilly, Cynthia Griffin, Gwen Rich, Jamie Schultz, Brad Kendall, Paul Arbour, Steven Kelly, Peter Thrasher, Steven Kelly, Mark Howard, Kerrie Marshall, Helen George, Susan Howard, Tracy Farr, Adam Drew, Dennis Hopkins, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Sean Farr, Deanne Reeks, Steven Arbour, Jennifer Reeks, Jeff Tompkins, Jamie Tompkins

Synopsis: The year is 1958, and the much-adored rock-and-roll idol, Conrad Birdie, has been drafted into the US army. His songwriter and agent, Albert, and Albert’s secretary and some-time girlfirend, Rosie, hatch a plan for a farewell performance to take place on The Ed Sullivan Show, which they hope will help sell Birdie’s new song “One Last Kiss,” and ultimately save Almaelou records from going under. To cap off the performance, Birdie will actually give ‘one last kiss’ to Kim MacAfee, an avid member of the Conrad Birdie fan club from Sweet Apple, Ohio. When Albert and Rosie head to Sweet Apple to prepare for Birdie’s arrival, things start to unravel. Kim’s father is starstruck at the thought of being on The Ed Sullivan Show with his daughter, and Kim’s new steady, Hugo gets jealous at the thought of Kim kissing Conrad on national television.

1983-1984 (Whitby Theatre Company)

Canterbury Tales (musical)
Book by Nevill Coghill and Martin Starkie
Music by John Hawkins and Richard Hill
Lyrics by Nevill Coghill

Produced by Sidney Anne Lang
Directed by Greg Lang
Musical Director Janice Stone

Cast: Jim Cheyne, Garvin Farr, Joe McCandless, Carole MacNeil, Bert heaver, D'Arcy Smyth, Gary Hatton, Liz Clayton, Mary Lou Graham, Ron Orme, Chris Davies, Gerry Brooks, Jim Allison, Lars Hansen, Patrick Frendo-Combo, Delores Holliday, Judy Levy, Sandra Jensen, Haley Drew, Retta Reilly, Anne Edmondson, Liola Limeback, Rick Kerr, Jan Bishop, Jack Diamond, Chris Davies, Stuart Drew, Allen Rosen, Ross McCartney, Laverne Rousseau, Susan Craig, David Laing, David Robjohn, Victor Goad, Gerry Brooks, Paul Spencer, Cathy Bevis, Bert Kirkham, Claudia Kirkham, Judy Levy, David Epstein, Carol Laing.

Production Team: Greg Lank, Janice Stone, Heaster Sessions, Sidney Lang, Fay Drew, Rhonda Davies, Dan Sandford, John Graham, Vera Callahan, Karen Home, Bette Morrison, Dawn Hembling, Jan Bishop, Elizabeth Clayton, Ann Cowman, Rosemary Crilly, Nance Davidson, Wendy Evelyn, Ann Reeks, June Hey, Mary Howard, Doreen McCartney, Dorothy McIntyre, Rosie Oxenham, Retta Reilly, Jutta Schneider, Mary Shepherd, Diane Sherlock, Marg Stewart, Peggy Warren, Cathy Bevis, Sybil Edwards, Betty Ellegett, Elizabeth Farquharson, Eve Heaver. Delores Holliday, Cecillia Kennedy, Claudia Kirkham, Marylin Kowalyk, Jackie Blair, Cindy McIntyre, Ted McMillan, Breda Myers, Julia Lickhart, Marjorie Oxenham, Anne Wiggens, Diane Wilkinson, Jackie McBlaine, Berryl Garratt, Libby Woods, Jillian Hodgson, Gladys Davidson-Lake, Susan Woolsie, Evelyn Smith, Bill Shepherd, John Coultis, Geoff Evelyn, Gerry Brooks, Carol Hatton, Gary Hatton, Paul Spencer, Susan Bland, David Rabjohn, Tony Bingham, Don Milille, Jamie Carr, Helen McCullough, Jillian Heaver-Campbell, Lisa Rundle, Joan Rundle, Cathy Polson, Susan Craig, Lori Rabjohn, Derek Hodgson, Peggy Polson, Margery Bird, Debbie Drew, Janda McEachern, Heidi Dewey, Jim Barber, Stuart Drew, Jim Cheyne, David Home, Sandra Jensen, Lamie Rosen, Bob Nelson

Synopsis: The story revolves around a group of Englishman on their annual journey to Canterbury. Telling tales along the way, the pilgrims fill the stage with comedy and romance. Various Chaucer tales are retold by the ensemble as the group reaches its destination and gains more insight into the battle between the sexes.

Artichoke (drama)
by Joanne M. Glass

Produced by Heather Sessions
Directed by D'Arcy Smyth

Cast: Paul Spencer, Jack Diamond, Doreen Smyth, Bert Kirkham, Sofia Kirkham, John Francom, Dennis Empson

Production Team: D'Arcy Smyth, Heather Sessions, Paul Spencer, Carol Hatton, Gary Hatton, Heinz Dschankillic, Ann Syme, Colin Syme, Carole MacNeil, Greg Lang, Ron Orme, Gill Walker, David Levy, Harold O'Brien, Stu Drew, Garvin Farr, Andrew Francom, Joan Hill, Heather Milburn, Eve Heaver, Janice Stone, Judy Levy, Susan Craig, Fay Drew, Lamie Rosen, Bob Nelson, Dianne Walker, Doreen Smyth

Synopsis: The scene is the Morley farm, in the prairie country of Saskatchewan, Canada. Margaret and Walter Morley have been estranged for fourteen years, ever since his encounter with a water witch resulted in the arrival of his illegitimate daughter, Lily Agnes, and led to Walter's banishment to the smokehouse.

The Elephant Man (drama)
by Bernard Pomerance

Produced by Garvin Farr
Directed by Terrill Stewart

Cast: Gary Hatton, Peter Brierley, Drummond White, Jim Walker, Graham Gauthier, Eric Gareau, Vince Vincent, Joan Roantree, Carol Hatton, Pamela Brierley, Judith Edmondson

Production Team: Terrill Stewart, Lamie Rosen, Garvin Farr, Susan Craig, Michael Roantree, Allen Rosen,Delores Holliday, Pamela Brierley, Dawn Hemblilng, Barbara Farrow, Liz Claytonk Karen home, Betty Ellegett, Judy Levy, Paul Spencer, Graham Gauthier, Tony Bingham, Fay Drew, Stuart Drew, Bob Nelson, Ashley Smith, Jim Cheyne, David Laing, Gary Hatton, Scott Griffin, Harold O'Brien, Ross McCartney, Sandy Sandford, Chris Noble, D'Arcy Smyth, Paul Arbour, Cynthia Griffin, Pamela Brierleyk, Joan Roantree, Gerry Brooks, Paul Oliver, Peter Thrasher, Gill Walker, Margie Carey

Synopsis: The Elephant Man is based on the life of John Merrick, who lived in London during the latter part of the nineteenth century. A horribly deformed young man – victim of rare skin and bone diseases – he becomes the star freak attraction in traveling sideshows. Found abandoned and helpless, he is admitted to London’s prestigious Whitechapel Hospital. Under the care of celebrated young physician Frederick Treves, Merrick is introduced to London society and slowly evolves from an object of pity to an urbane and witty favorite of the aristocracy and literati, only to be denied his ultimate dream – to become a man like any other.

Anne of Green Gables (Youth Group musical)

Cast: Hayley Drew, Susan Howard, Julia Donovan, Annette Donovan, Sean Farr, Mark Howard, Jeff Tompkins, Helen George, Scott Grillin, Charlene Daigle, Tracy Farr, Michelle Johnson, Pam Masey, Jennifer Adair, Deanne Reeks, Nicole Johnson, Melonie Hopkins, Mandy McDonald, Allan Rosen, Charlie Kerby, David Marder, Paul Gemmell, Mike Clarke, Devin Arbour, Scott Hormon, Michelle Arbour, Kim Harmon, Chris Noble, Siobhan McInerney, Tammy Dorman, Larissa O'Coin, Stephanie Forder, Serena Thatcher, Tara Clayton, Stephanie Dorman, Ginette Purdy, Gerry Van Hezewyk, Lisa Goroman, Venessa WIllis, Jennifer Reeks, Jim Gallanders, Charmaine Chung, Daria Cameron, Roxanne Johnson, Janie Tom, Adam Drew, Allison Patte, Michelle McGuire, Lisa Arbour, Kelly Proudfoot, Andrea Davidson, Lanie Anderson, Lisa Cameron, Kim Proudfoot, Derry Quail

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Margory Davidson, Peggy Larkin-Brown, Debbie Drew, Paul Mutch, Garvin Farr, Rhonda Davies, Michael Roantree, Harold O'Brien, Fay Drew, Ann Reeks, Linda Culver, Nancy Davidson, Dorothy Cameron, Joan Roantree, Barb {roudfoot, Mary Dunbar, Dawn Hembling, Samantha Miller, Kathy Arbour, Mary Howard, Cynthia Griffin, Isabel McQuaid, Georgie Willis, Doame Mpb;e. Judy Levy, Susan Craig, Marylin Quintin, Linda McCandless, Shannon Jervais, Ann Syme, Tony Bingham, Stuart Drew, Lamie Rosen, Bob Nelson, Cindy Thon Hauser, Ted Reeks, John Griffin, Eric Gareau, Adam Drew. Blair Cleveland, Sam Davidson. Valerie Calderbank, Peter Calderbank, Jamie Carr, Paul Oliver, Dennis Hopkins, Jamie Schultz, Gwen Ritchie, Chris Calderbank, Tracy Farr, Anne Edmondson, Helen George, Kim Harmon, Annette Donovan, Jill Culver, Steven Arbour

Synopsis: Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are unmarried siblings who live on their ancestral farm, Green Gables, in the quiet town of Avonlea in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Matthew is sixty, and since he is getting too old to handle the farm work on his own, the Cuthberts decide to adopt an orphan boy to help him. When Matthew arrives at the train station he finds a girl orphan instead of a boy; the orphanage sent the eleven-year-old Anne Shirley by mistake. Anne’s talkativeness and spirit charm Matthew, who shyly tells Marilla that he wants to keep her. Marilla hesitates at first, but after a trial period, she agrees to let Anne stay on. This decision shocks the town gossip, Mrs. Rachel Lynde, who does not think Matthew and Marilla fit to raise a child.

1982-1983 (Whitby Theatre Company)

Cabaret (musical)
Book by Joe Masteroff
Stories by Christopher Isherwood

Produced by Paul Spencer and Margery Bird
Directed by Bert Heaver

Cast: Paul Hundert, David Laing, Drummond White, Paul Spencer, Marion Dennis, Janice Stone, Ross McCartney, Cathy Polson, Robynne Smith, Andrea Smith, Eric Sandford, Stephanie Peter, Ev McKenzie, Sally Sanford, Mary-Lou Graham, Harold O'Brien, Sandy Sandford, Garvin Farr, Dave Ashby, Sandra Jensen, Michelle Arbor, Susan Craig, Judy Levy, Sally Sandford, Marg Utnans, Barb Farrow, Jack Diamond, Dave Ashby, Laverne Rousseau.

Production Team: Bert Heaver, Paul Spencer, Margery Bird, D'Arcy Smyth, Susan Craig, Margaret Connely, Maureen Fitzgerald, Aaron Blake, Eve Heaver, Mary Partridge, Barbara Farrow, Laverne Rousseau, Joyce McCready, Judy Levy, David Levy, Tony Bingham, Jamie Carr, Terry Crow, Debbie Drew, Peter Thrasher, Vera Callaghan, Bill Woolsey, Geof Milburn, Sandy Sandford, Harold O'Brien, Gary Hatton, Dave Ashby, Steve Noble, Lisa Rundle, Marilyn Carr, Carol Hatton, Ann Syme, Doreen Astrop, Mike Roantree, Peggy Avison, Fay Drew, Lena Bessio, Bob Nelson, Rick Kerr, Judi Findlay, Pam Brierley, June Lewis, Doreen, McCartney, Carole MacNeil, Jim Ashley, Alison Johnson, Heidi Dewey, Delores Holliday, Mary Vollmer, Stu Drew

Synopsis: In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920’s draw to a close, a garish Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the Emcee’s bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin’s natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich. Cliff, a young American writer newly arrived in Berlin, is immediately taken by English singer Sally Bowles. Meanwhile, Fräulein Schneider, proprietor of Cliff and Sally’s boarding house, tentatively begins a romance with Herr Schultz, a mild-mannered fruit seller who happens to be Jewish.

Count Dracula (drama)
by Ted Tiller

Produced by D'Arcy Smyth
Directed by Gail Cheyne

Cast: Marion Dennis, Gary Hatton, George Waugh, Garvin Farr, Jim Neilly, David Laing, Jim Cheyne, Greg Lang

Production Team: D'Arcy Smyth, Carol Hatton, Sandy Sandford, Peggy Larkin-Brown, Desmond Clancey, Ann Syme, Margery Bird, Palu McClimond, Dennise Fordham, Dawn Hembling, Georgie Willis, Barbara Farrow, Judy Levy, Heather Sessions, Susan Craig, Don Miville, Darryle Wiggers, Paul Oliver, Gill Walker, Marge Carey, Dennis Empson, Peter Thrasher, Jim Mitchell, Jim Barber, John Graham, Delores Holliday, Jackie Waugh, Ross McCartney, Rick Kerr, Scott Griffin, Gary Hatton, Paul Spencer, Stu Drew, Garvin Farr, Bob Smyth, Bill Woolsey, Harold O'Brien, Jim Walker, Jim Neilly, Sandy Sandord, Paul Astrop, Cathy Polson, Heather Milburn, Varlerie Pratt, Doreen Astrop, Margery Bird, Heidi Dewey, Pam Neilly, Peggy Avison, Lena Bossio, Bob Nelson, June Lewis, Judy Findley, Pam Brierly, Liz Manson, Doreen McCartney

Synopsis: In Mr. Tiller's comedic version of Stoker's vampire legend, a new Count has moved into a remote neighborhood north of London. Sybil, the friendly sister of the director of the local mental institution, invites him to dinner at her family's combination home/insane asylum. There Count Dracula meets Mina, Dr. Seward's beautiful and virtuous young ward. As quick as a flap of a bat's wing, the evil Count sees Mina not only as a tasty morsel but also as a potential bride. Mina is mesmerized by the Count, and every time he comes to visit, she seems weaker and looks paler.

Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii (comedy)
by Allan Stratton

Produced by Marjorie Davidson
Directed by Paul Spencer

Cast: Peggy Larkin-Brown, David Lepp, Georgina Willis, Mike Roantree, Linda Lee Barrett, Scott Griffin, Margery Bird

Production Team: Paul Spencer, Marjorie Davidson, D'Arcy Smyth, Lamie Rosen, Vera Callaghan, Jamie Carr, Steve Kelly, Emer Wilson, Garvin Farr, Stu Drew, Peter Tyrell, Roger Milburn, George Waugh John Graham, Gary Hatton, Marianne Froehlich, Chris Robinson, Sandy Sandford, Harold O'Brien, Greg Lang, Sidney Lang, David Levy, Cynthia Griffin, Carol Hatton, Susan Craig, Judy Levy, Lesllie Churchyard, Allen Rosen, Margery Bird, Patti Marshall, Peggy Avison, Fay Drew, Rick Kerr, Doreen Astrop, Ann Syme, Bob Nelson, Doreen Astrop, Doreen McCartney, June Lewis, Pam Brierly

Synopsis: Doris, an advice columnist, and her husband Edgar live in a tidy upper-middle-class home and their lives are about to be put through utter chaos. Edgar is planning to cheat on his wife with the flaky Harlequin Romance-novelist, Vivien (who, throughout the play, will madly record notes for her next novel). Suddenly the house is full of people who were vague acquaintances before the many gigantic revelations which pepper the play. There is an insane number of coincidences involving lost children, mistaken identity, and non-sequiturs (which turn out to be not so now after all). Simply, every time the doorbell rings, disaster walks in.

Alice In Wonderland (Youth Group musical)
by Lewis Caroll

Produced by Lamie Rosen
Directed by Michael Roantree
Musical Director Nancy Hartnoll

Cast: Whitby Theatre Company's Youth Group

Synopsis: Alice is sitting with her sister outdoors when she spies a White Rabbit with a pocket watch. Fascinated by the sight, she follows the rabbit down the hole. She falls for a long time and finds herself in a long hallway full of doors. There is also a key on the table, which unlocks a tiny door; through this door, she spies a beautiful garden. She longs to get there, but the door is too small. Soon, she finds a drink with a note that asks her to drink it. There is later a cake with a note that tells her to eat; Alice uses both, but she cannot seem to get a handle on things and is always either too large to get through the door or too small to reach the key.

1981-1982 (Whitby Theatre Company)

Chapter Two (comedy)
by Neil Simon

Produced by Jim Walker
Directed by Dennis Empson

Cast: Jim Cheybe, D'Acry Smyth, Gail Cheyne, Doreen Astrop

Production Team: Jim Walker, Dennis Empson, Gil Walker, Carol Hatton, June Lewis, Lynn Dasti, Maureen Williamson, Don Miville, Tony Bingham, Bob Madison, Dennis Empson, Paul Spencer, Bill Woolsey, Dave Levy, Geoff Milburn, Brian McDonald, John Bagley, Margerie Bird, Janice Stone, Eve Heaver, Judy Levy, Deborah McDonald

Synopsis: Recent widower, writer George Schneider, is encouraged by his younger brother Leo to start dating again. This sends George into even more depression after a series of bad matches. Then Leo comes up with Jennie Malone, and she's a keeper. Still, it's a bumpy trip on the road to Dreamland for these not-so-young lovers. George and Jennie stumble on, overcoming both their hesitation on the rebound and emotional neediness. In a hilarious, farcical subplot, Leo has a fling with Faye, Jennie's neurotic married friend.

Cause Celebre (drama)
by Terrence Rattigan

Produced by Karen Home
Directed by Bert Kirkham

Cast: Monica Poulter, Harold O'Brien, Allen Rosen, Georgina Willis, Graham Gauthier, Peggy Larkin-Brown, John Duggan, John Fletcher, Emer Wilson, Scott Griffin, Jack Diamond, Archie Bell, David Home, John Green, Jim Neilly, Jim Laird, Sidney Lang, Gary Hatton, Eric Gareau, Michael Roantree, John Joyce

Production Team: Bert Kirkham, Karen Home, Bette Lunn Morrison, Lamie Rosen, Glenda Wallis, Chris Robinson, Eric Gareau, Tony Bingham, Jamie Carr, Mary Perkins, John Chave, Mike Priest, Greg Lang, Dawn Hembling, Josephine Boland, Elizabeth Farquharson, Doreen McCartney, Bill Shepherd, Ray John, Paul Bishop, David Home, Ashley Smith, Jim Walker, David Epstein, John Joyce, Don Miville, Vera Callaghan, Claudia Kirkham, David Levy, Allan Rosen, Carol Hatton, Melinda Joyce, Sofia Kirkham, Diane Gareau, Ruth Loyko, Stewart Drew, Don Miville, Pat Green, Judy Levey, Susan Craig, Eve Heaber, Peggy Poulson, Bob Nelson, Michael Roantree, Hayley Drew, Norman Kearney, Ross McCartney, Joan Rundle, Sandra Jensen, Graham Gauthier, Jeff Morrison

Synopsis: A woman on trial with her 20 years younger lover for the murder of her husband creates the title drama in this incendiary recreation of the infamous case of Alma Rattenbury and 18 year-old George Percy Stoner. In 1935, when accused of murdering her husband in their Bournemouth home, the headlines created an early tabloid sensation as woman and boy both take the blame, while sexual freedom is cast in sharp relief against the the stifling morality of post-Victorian England.

Cheaters (comedy)
by Michael Jacobs

Produced by Doreen Astrop
Directed by D'Arcy Smyth

Cast: Carole MacNeil, Greg Lang, Margery Bird, Joe Gonyea, Maureen Williamson, Rick Kerr, Eric Gareau, George Waugh

Production Team: D'Arcy Smyth, Doreen Astrop, Chris Robinson, Carol Hatton, Garvin Farr, Heinz Dschankilic, Eve Heaver, Barbara Farrow, Mary Partirdge, Judy Levy, Susan Craig, Jamie Carr, Debra Drew, Gill Walker, Jim Walker, Marg Carey, David Levy, Paul Spencer, Harold O'Brien, Scott Griffin, Darryl Wiggers, Valerie Pratt, Eleanor Caesar, Willie Gonyea, David Levy, Ann Syme, Gail Cheyne, Janice Stone, June Lewis, Joan Rundle, Bob Nelson, Eric Gareau, Judy Findlay

Synopsis: Allen and Michelle have been living together for eighteen months. It is the first real relationship for both of them. Michelle thinks they should marry; Allen isn't sure. His hesitancy drives her home to her parents for advice. Michelle's father isn't aware that it is Allen's mother he has been seeing for the last six months and would now like to get rid of, nor does Michelle's mother know that it is Allen's father she has just spent the night with and would like to see more of. The pieces fall uproariously into place when the parents decide to meet the young lovers over dinner to lend their maturity and experience for the benefit of their children's relationship. It's suddenly everyone for himself in this wild, rollicking look at love and romance.

Big Bash - A Nothing New Revue (launching a new theatre season)

Cast: Members of the Whitby Theatre Company

Synopsis: A fun night starting with a happy hour reception, dinner, a musical revue anddancing to the Bev Smith Band.

The Wizard of OZ (Youth Group musical)
by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg

Produced by Garvin Farr
Directed by Garvin Farr

Cast: Whitby Theatre Company Youth Group

Production Team: Chris Robinson, George Waugh, Garvin Farr, Mike Roantree, Anne, Edmondson, Scott Griffin, John Randell, Theresa Gallagher. Richard Daley, Joyce Cox, Christine MCInally, Paul McClimond, Paul Arbour, Terrill Stewart, Harry McKew, John Griffin, Bill Woolsey, Paul Spencer, John Griffin, Darryl Wiggers, George Waugh, Angela Daniels, Tracy Farr, Hayley Drew, Kim Harmen, Heather Milburn, Jamie Schultz, Shannon Jervis, Sandra McNeil, Nancy Hawkins, Adam Drew, Jackie Waugh, George Waugh, Andrea Bagnec, Christine Plesh, Stewart Drew, Fay Drew, Marianne Wierenga, Helen Jackson, Jose Szczur, Ann Reeks, Eve Heaver, Judy Levy, Susan Craig, Steve Noble, Marie Waugh, David Core, Scott Johnson, Geoff Milburn, Tim Moble, Marie Waugh, Peter Tyrell, Joan Rundle, Janice Stone, Tammy Barbour, Andrea Bagner, Christine Plesh, Bob Nelson, Jennifer Reeks, Teresa Picaro, Corinna Humphries, Steven Smith, Lamie Rosen, Eric Gareau

Synopsis: Dorothy is an orphan raised by her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em in the bleak landscape of a Kansas farm. She has a little black dog Toto, who is her sole source of happiness on the dry, gray prairies. One day the farmhouse, with Dorothy and Toto inside, is caught up in a tornado and deposited in a field in Munchkin Country, the eastern quadrant of the Land of Oz. The falling house kills the evil ruler of the Munchkins, the Wicked Witch of the East.

1980-1981(Whitby Theatre Company)

The Innocents (drama)
by William Archibald

Produced by Gail & Jim Cheyne
Directed by D'Arcy Smyth

Cast: Christine MacInally, Mary Vollmer, Monica Poulter, Paul Hundert, Claude Martel, Joan Milburn

Production Team: D'Arcy Smith, Bill Woolsey, Gail Cheyne, Jim Cheyne, Ken Godmere, Terrill Stewart, Paul Spencer, Claude Martel, Garvin Farr, Delores Holliday, Susan Woolsey, Beryl Garratt, Barbara Farrow, Beth Alme, Eve Heaver, Lamie Rosen, Shirley Silvester, Dave Crowe, Scott Johnson, Gill Walker, Joan Milburn

Synopsis: This story of unspeakable horror begins when a young governess arrives at an English estate to oversee two precocious, orphaned youngsters. There's also a motherly cook, but these four aren't alone - they're haunted by fears and phantoms and by ghastly shadows. The governess and cook are terrified, but the children are possessed by the spirits and welcome their visitations. The governess learns the spirits are those of the former caretaker and maid, both perverse, who corrupted the souls of the innocents. In a final scene, full of fear and terror, she learns that the two are now inseparable the evil and the innocents.

Becket (drama)
by Jean Anouilh

Produced by Don Miville
Directed by Gail Cheyne

Cast: Jim Cheyne, Dennis Empson, Ken Godmere, Mike Roantree, Jack Diamond, Ross McCartney, Jim Walker, Roy Hiscocks, Jim Allison, Ron Orme, Greg Lang, Bob Madison, Blair Cleveland, Joanne Swadron, Carol Laing, Sandra Jensen, Julius Kedvessy, Darren Stevens, Bob Smyth, Gillian Walker, Barb Farrow, Marion Dennis, Lynette McPeake, Paul Spencer, Archie Bell, Claude Martel, Vince Vincent, David Home

Production Team: Bill Woolsey, Gail Cheyne. Don Miville, D'Arcy Smyth, Gill Walker, Tony Bingham, Chris Robinson, Bert Kirkham Karen Home, Betty Fitches, Bill Fitches, Jan Bishop, Dianne Duncan, Hiedi Dewey, Margery Bird, Barbara Farrow, Beth Alma, Libby Birch, Josephine Bollen, Mary Hayes, Mary Howard, Doreen McCartney, Corlis Smyts, Donna Stewart, Josie Szczur, Archie Bell, Delores Holliday, Claudia Kirkham, Monica Poulter, Maureen Stevens, Geo Strous, Jo Vincent, Susan Woolsey, Terriill Stewart, John Green, Jim Allison, Peter French, Ron Orme, Paul Spencer, Heather Tanner, John Webster, Marty Sharrard, Heather Milburn, David Home, Eve Heaver, Joyce McCready, Steve Noble, Colleen Woolsey, Ken Godmere, Bob Madison

Synopsis: An English king comes to terms with his affections for his close friend and confident, who finds his true honor by observing God's divine will rather than the king's.

The Torch Bearer (comedy)
by George Kelly

Produced by Bill Woolsey
Directed by Terrill Stewart

Cast: Garvin Farr, Barbara Farrow, Sidney Lang, Carole MacNeil, Michael Roantree, Jean Henderson, Vince Vincent, Ken Godmere, Margery Bird, Jim Walker, Eve Heaver

Production Team: Bill Woolsey, Terrill Stewart, Gill Walker, D'Arcy Smyth, Geoff Milburn, Archie Bell, Ross McCartney, Cy Garratt, Dave Crowe, Scott Johnson, Lamie Rosen, Delores Holliday, Janice Stone, Don Miville, Beryl Garratt, Susan Woolsey, Donna Stewart, Eve Heaver, Monica Poulter, Joan Milburn, Garvin Farr, Julie Brierley, Jim Walker, Heather Milburn, Elspeth Bell, Paula Robichaud, Bert Heaver, Bob Nelson, Gail Cheyne, Carol Hatton

Synopsis: Ritter comes home from a business trip to find that his wife, Paula, has been lulled into a cabal of mediocre thespians, led by the self-regarding Mrs. J. Duro Pampinelli, an abject admirer of the Little Theatre movement, which appealed to (mostly female) suburbanites eager to express their love of art and beauty. He must wrench his wife from the clutches of these pretentious poseurs (and eradicate her dreams of stardom) if he is to maintain his happy home of an empty nest.

A Christmas Carol (Youth Group production)
by Charles Dickens

Produced by Garvin Farr
Directed by Garvin Farr

Cast: The Whitby Theatre Company Youth Group

Synopsis: A stage adaptation of the timeless Dicken's Christmas tale of Scrooge and his personal transformation after being visited by three ghosts on Christmas eve. 

1979-1980 (Whitby Theatre Company)

The Night of the Iguana (drama)
by Tennessee Williams

Produced by Jim Walker
Directed by Terrill Stewart
Assistant directed by Gill Walker

Cast: Jon Fletcher, Claudia Kirkham, Robin Taviner, Garvin Farr, Jim Walker, Linda Babbs, Bob Madison, Delores Holliday, Jonh Green, Joan Rundle, Lynette McPeake, Lorraine Turansky, Paul Spencer, Eric Gareau

Production Team: Terrill Stewart, Gill walker, Jim Walker, Lisa Rundle, Pat Pascoe, Brenda Turansky, Robin Taviner, Paul Spencer, Bob Madison, Barbara Farrow, Carol Hatton, Greg Lang, Julie Brierly, Beryl Garratt, Eve Heaver, Joan Milburn, Dianne Ciosk, Maureen Bandoler, Shirley Upton, Denise Dawson, Susan Peachey, Debbie Rigg, David Lepp

Synopsis: ohn McClain's outline of "Within the brokendown environs of a cheap Mexican resort hotel [Williams] has created a mood of pervading loneliness and despair as intrusive as the Equinoxial storm that stirs sudden lightning flashes and gushes through the tattered room. The desolation, the emptiness are in his people: the tough, sex-starved widow who runs the hotel; the neurotic, defrocked minister, and the gentle maiden lady from New England. Thrown together in this squalid setting their human needs become explicit, and from their conflicts comes the realization that life must be endured, and that the spirit will somehow survive even beyond the limits of anguish. Mr. Williams veers off in many philosophic directions in this searing pastorale, but he is chiefly concerned with the relationship of the Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon and Miss Hannah Jelkes, the sad, fortyish lady who travels the world with her grandfather ('the oldest practicing poet in the world'), painting quick portraits, for a fee, while the nonagenarian recites poetry to hotel guests. Rev. Shannon, having been relieved of his cloth for sexual irregularities, has landed at the Costa Verde hotel, near Acapulco, on the verge of one of his periodic mental breakdowns. The proprietress, an old friend, is prepared to offer him a bed and will, in fact, share it with him if he wishes. But then Miss Jelkes and her grandpa arrive, penniless but prepared to offer their services to the guests in return for lodging. 

The Good Doctor (comedy)
by Neil Simon

Produced by Alison Johnston
Directed by Gail Cheyne

Cast: Jim Cheyne, Archie Bell, Marion Dennis, Carol Laing, Mary Ellen Soltys, Julie Brierley

Production Team: Gail Cheyne, Paul Spencer, Alison Johnston, Terrill Stewart, Greg Lang, Sidney Lang, Jim Cheyne, Robin Burrows, Gill Walker, Jim Walker, Pat Green, Beryl Garratt, Susann Woolsey, Joan Milburn, Pat Marshall, Heidi Dewey, Eve Heaver, Don Miville, Bill Woolsey, Cy Garrett, Bert Kirkham, Claudia Kirkham, Carol Hatton, Maureen Green, David Lepp, Elspeth Bell, Pat Pascoe, Terry Kelly, Ken Dewey, Denise Kerr

Synopsis: In one sketch a harridan storms a bank and upbraids the manager for his gout and lack of money. In another, a father takes his son to a house where he will be initiated into the mysteries of sex, only to relent at the last moment and leave the boy more perplexed than ever. In another sketch, a crafty seducer goes to work on a wedded woman, only to realize that the woman has been in command from the first overture. Let us not forget the classic tale of a man who offers to drown himself for three rubles. The stories are droll, the portraits affectionate, the humor infectious and the fun unending. "A great deal of warmth and humor" in his retelling of these Chekhovian tales.

Oh What a Lovely War (musical)
by Joan Littlewood

Produced by Bert Kirkham
Directed by John Cladwell

Cast: John Bellingham, Stan Durant, Dennis Empson, Garvin Farr, Russell Foster, Amelia Frauts, Gary Hatton, Bert Heaver, Evelyn Heaver, Sidney Lang, Claudia Liebscher, Bob Madison, Ross McCartney, Joyce McCready, Joan Milburn, Cathy Polson, Janice Stone, Reg Tompkins, Lorraine Turansky, Yvonne Vanderhoff, Jim Walker Bill Woolsey

Production Team: John Caldwell, Paul Spencer, Bert Kirkham, Lamie Rosen, Jan Bishop, Bill Woolsey, Lauren Goodfellow, Stan Durrant, Cy Garrett, D'Arcy Smyth, Jeff Hooper, Paul Bishop, Rick Richards, Shirley Upton, Greg Lang, Delores Holliday, Gary Hatton, Ron McEachern, Pauline Thompson, Jean Cummins, Betty Rutherford, Beryl Garratt, Susan Woolsey, Tony Bingham, Beryl Garratt, Bill Woolsey, Don Miville, Gillian Walker, Marg Connelly

Synopsis: The curtains on the stage lift to reveal several attractive young women dressed in frilled yellow dresses, who recruit a volunteer army. They appeal to the patriotism of the crowd with "We don't want to lose you, but we think you ought to go".

1940 Radio Hour Show (musical review)
by Bert Heaver and Terrill Stewart

Produced by Bert Heaver and Terrill Stewart

Directed by Bert Heaver and Terrill Stewart

Cast: Members from the Whitby Theatre Company

Band: Kathy Guselle, Ben Smith

Production Team: Bill Woolsey, Bert Heaver, Terrill Stewart, Dave Crowe, Scott Johnson, Tony Bingham, Claude Martel, Gill Walker, Jim Walker, Gail Cheyne, Joan Hill

Synopsis: A musical review that has something for everybody.


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