Past Productions

Fiddler on the Roof Junior


Book by Joseph Stein | Music by Jerry Bock | Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Producer Linda Lyons
Director Lorrie Grant


Linda Lyons, Lorrie Grant, Amber Sargent, Dan Clancy, Rosie Mammone, Josh Grant, Paul Inman, Peter Thrasher, Sandra Mammone, Cassandra Kouri, Diane Anderson, Ian Handscomb, Colin Hughes, James McCormack Liam Inman, Beverley Canden, Adriana Pope, Edward Niles, Zachary Unger, Bailey Coyle, James Plaus, Don Davis, Tiffany Barone, Alena DeLong, Christine Dumoulin, Carol Inman, Paul Inman, Nic Mammone, Frank Prco, Mathy Rudkins, Susan Long, Colleen McNeil, Margaret Scora, Linda Ramsey, Shirley Rogers, Melissa Smith, Bailey Coyle, Lam Carruthers, Jason Love, Rob Lyons, Paul Martin, Deanna Porco, Todd Ramsey, Tyler Rigby, Brianna Unger, Christine Pirillo, Rhonda Martin

Leading Ladies


By Ken Ludwig

Producer Alicia Del Vecchio
Director Robert Calvert


Alicia Del Vecchio, Robert Calvert, Christyna McGregor, Jenna Forrest, Chris Grech, Brenda Clarkson, Val Skinner, Colin Huges, Reese Brunelle, Barbara Cooper, Vicki Dodd, Alexandra Lovely, Mary McGregor, Diane Anderson, Kelly Morrison, Mark Slattery, Jonathan Del Vecchio, Tristan Smith, Gary Elaney, Cortney Jackson, Edward Niles, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Ian Handscomb, Patrick Gillespie, Linda Lyons, Calvin Munro, Samantha Munro, Richard Twigg

Leading Ladies

2011 - Suds – The Rockin' 60s Musical Soap Opera


By Steve Gunderson, Bryan Scott and Melinda Gilb

Cast and Orchestra

Cast: Heather Johnson, Donna Lajeunesse, Heather Gibb, Jason Butler-Burns


Orchestra: Janice Brydges, Eric Brydges, Boyd Tattrie, Rob Therrien, Sean Hully, David Tanner, Bernadette Simms, Kathy Ennis, Vivian Tattrie

The Full Monty

Some Assembly Required


By Eugene Stickland


Company - Adjudicator Award: Cohesive Realization of the Director’s Vision, Won

Kevin Arbour - Best Lighting Design, Nominated