Murder in The First Auditions

Director: Richard NewlandWCT19 MUR Auditons 1080x1080
Producers: Heather Doucette & Rhonda Martin

Audition Dates:
Monday, November 12th, and Tuesday and November 13th both at 7:00 pm

Callback Date:
Monday, November 19th at 7:00 pm

Whitby Courthouse Theatre, 416 Centre Street South

Performance Dates: 
Preview: April 10; Run: April 11-13,  18-20*, 25-27, 2019
(*matinee and evening performance on April 20)

What to Prepare:

  1. Bring your completed audition form as well as a recent headshot.
  2. Be sure to upload a headshot or bring one to your audition
  3. Prepare a monologue from a full-length play by an established contemporary playwright (Canadian preferred).
    The monologue should be no longer than two minutes.
  4. Director will hold a brief interview with each person, and have them do a cold reading from the play.

Note: No props or costumes during auditions.

What to Do

Please do not hesitate to contact the Producer Heather Doucette if you have any other questions by clicking here.

About The Play:
Alcatraz prisoner Willie Moore stands trial for the violent murder of a fellow inmate. In what at first appears to be an open-and-shut case. A bold young lawyer who defends him intervenes with the claim that Moore cannot be held responsible for his actions due to the brutality visited upon him during three years of solitary confinement. Reputations are at stake in the family law practice and an eager reporter looking for fame create tensions within the trial. Inspired by an actual event, Murder in the First is a gripping courtroom drama that exposes an undercurrent of injustice and hypocrisy as well as the unintended consequences of institutional actions.


Harold Humson - Warden
Male, 45-55.
A noted prison reformer with a flair for the notoriety. The picture of kindness but will do anything to gain fame. Totally misunderstanding what it is to be inhumane. 

Milton Glenn - Associate Warden
Male, 45-50
Works with the Warden, overseeing his reform projects. On the surface, he appears knowledgeable and understanding but is really a sadistic bastard. Probably grew up in an abusive home.

Willie Moore - Inmate Accused
Male, 25-30
A 26-year-old inmate incarcerated since he was 18. Impulsive and unstable yet with a streak of intelligence and a strong sense of personal integrity

Judge Clawson - Judge
Male, 55-65
A crotchety older fellow. Has seen it all in his years in court. Doesn’t suffer fools gladly. His courtroom is his fiefdom.

Bailiff / Jailer - Court Bailiff / Jailer (Doubled Roles)
Male, 25-35
High school educated, but nothing further. Risen to his potential with no hope of going further.

Mary McCasslin - Lawyer
Female, 25-35
Fresh-faced, simply refined, innocence. Determined to succeed. Henry’s superior and his girlfriend.

Henry Davidson - Lawyer
Male, 25-35
Young, recently graduated lawyer without experience. Looking to make a name for himself. A dreamer, somewhat naive.

Henkin - Public Offender
Male, 45-55
Tough, demanding and unsympathetic. Is the boss to both Mary and Henry. Can’t be bothered with justice, only image - his and that of his office.

Byron Davidson - Henry's Brother
Male, 40-50
A highly successful corporate lawyer whose appearance is that of a poster boy for corporate America. Demanding, with a reputation to maintain. A streak of maleficence lurks below his polished exterior.

Bill McNeill - District Attorney
Male, 45-55
A state prosecutor for many years having never risen above that level, probably likes the money. A no-nonsense lawyer, who is a little bored with the job. Likes to get the conviction rather than the truth.

Houlihan - Reporter
Male, 30-40
Gruff, somewhat obnoxious newspaper reporter, looking for an angle to get rich and famous. Uses people for his own purposes.

Male, 25-35

A prison guard with a few years experience. Terrified of upsetting the Warden and losing his job.

Female, 20-30

Good looking refined call girl, who passes for a court official.

Derek Simpson
Male, 35-45
A former guard at Alcatraz with a disturbed conscience. Breaks his silence about activities in the prison.

Either Male or Female, 20-70
A civilian.


Whitby Courthouse Theatre
416 Centre Street South
Whitby, ON L1N 4W2

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