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Next to Normal Auditions

by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey

Director: Shael RismanN2N FB ProfilePic
Music Director:
 Nick Denis
Producer: Heather Doucette

Audition Dates:
Sunday, April 22, Monday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 24

There are five audition slots per half-hour block. Please ensure you arrive promptly at your allotted time and you will be seen in that half hour slot.

Callback Date:
Sunday, April 29

Whitby Courthouse Theatre, 416 Centre Street South

Performance Dates: 
Preview: November 7; Run: November 8-10, 15-17, 22-24, 2018 (*matinee and evening performances November 17)

What to Prepare:
Bring a musical theatre style song of your choice (not from the show) and a rock style song of your choice (not from the show). 

Please keep in mind:
The acting aspect of your song choices are just as important as the vocal aspects in casting this show. There is no dance call for this audition. Callbacks will require some choreo/movement element. No tracks or recorded music, please. Bring sheet music, an accompanist will be provided.

What to Do:

  • Click this Sign Up link to upload your resume and headshot and securely create your online profile.
  • Understand the audition requirements listed in the What To Prepare tab.
  • Book your audition.
  • Click here to download the audition form, complete it, and bring it to your audition.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Producer Heather Doucette if you have any other questions.

About The Play: 
Next to Normal is a contemporary family drama, about a woman’s struggle with mental illness, and the effects of her illness on her family. At the opening of the show, Diana seems to have an ideal life – she is educated, well-off, and happily married with two teenage children. But it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems. Diana has bipolar disorder, plagued with anxieties, mood swings and delusions that trace back to a family tragedy 16 years earlier and are growing worse with time. During the course of the play, Diana goes through a series of doctors and treatments, in response to and sometimes triggering the ups and downs of her illness. Under the care of her primary doctor, Dr. Madden, Diana takes medication, talks through her issues and problems, and undergoes the more controversial option of electroconvulsive therapy. Meanwhile, her husband Dan confronts his own confusion and depression; daughter Natalie deals with isolation and a budding romance with a fellow music student, Henry, and son Gabe serves as Diana’s confidante and link to a happier past. Though the family strives to establish some sort of normality, and each character seeks his or her own peace and happiness, the ties that bind slowly and inexorably unravel around them. Next to Normal is considered a rock musical, and much of the story is told through song. The melodies are often interwoven, and the action moves back and forth among simultaneous scenes, as well as between literal and psychological realities. Though serious in focus, the play is full of surprises and humour as well.


Diana Goodman (age range 35-45), Sexy. Sharp. Delusional bipolar depressive. Thirties or forties.
VOCAL RANGE: G below middle C to high G - strong mix to a D.

Dan Goodman (age range 35-45), Diana's husband. Handsome. Genuine. Constant. Tired. Thirties or forties. VOCAL RANGE: B below written middle C to high A full voice and to high D flat falsetto.

Gabe Goodman (age range 16-25), Diana's son. Dashing. Gentle. Bright. Playful. Everything a mother, etc. Almost eighteen. VOCAL RANGE: C (written middle C) to high A full voice and high D (above staff) falsetto.

Natalie Goodman (age range 16-25), Diana's daughter. Sixteen and trying to be perfect. It's not going well. VOCAL RANGE: G below middle C to high G - strong mix to E flat.

Henry (age range 16-25), Musician. Romantic. Stoner. Slacker. Philosopher king. Seventeen. VOCAL RANGE: Low A below written middle C to high G full voice and high A falsetto.

Doctor Madden/Doctor Fine (age range 30-50), Played by the same actor. Age range 35-50. Dr. Fine is a psychopharmacologist, practical, maybe a bit cold. Dr. Madden, Diana's psychiatrist, described in the script as a "rock star" in that way that doctors can be perceived as saviors, confident and unflappable. VOCAL RANGE: Low A below written middle C to high A flat full voice.


Whitby Courthouse Theatre
416 Centre Street South
Whitby, ON L1N 4W2

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