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It's Only a Play is on stage nowWCT19IOP WEB2

It’s the opening night of The Golden Egg on Broadway, and the wealthy producer Julia Budder is throwing a lavish party in her Manhattan townhouse. Downstairs, the celebrities are pouring in, but the real action is upstairs in the bedroom, where a group of insiders have staked themselves out to await the reviews.

The group includes the playwright; the unstable director; the pill-popping leading lady; and the playwright’s best friend, who passed up this production for a television series.

Add to this a drama critic who’s panned the playwright in the past and a new-in-town aspiring singer, and you have a prime recipe for the narcissism, ambition, childishness, and just plain irrationality that infuse the theatre — and for comedy.

Advisory: Adult language and drug use.

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Auditions for Kiss the Moon, Kiss the SunWCT20KMS Auditions ISG

November 17th & 18th.

At 35-years old, Robert has the mental capacities of an 8-year old, but that doesn’t make him any less wise in the ways of the world.
A story about people finding the nerve to take responsibility and persevering against the odds.

Robert Castle - Age: 30s, is in his 30s but due to an accident when he was a child, he has the mind of an eight-year-old. He lives with his mother.
Claire Castle - Age: 50s-60s,  is battling cancer and heart disease while caring for her son Robert.
Holly Fitch - Age: mid-late 20s, is not the most responsible person in the world. She has a teaching degree but can’t find a teaching job.
Simon Garvey - Age: late-30s, early 40s, is an English professor who is going through a divorce. He is dating Holly.
Doctor Andrews - Age: 30s-60s, is Claire’s Doctor. This role may be cast as either male or female.

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Little Women The Broadway Musical Auditions

Auditioning for John Brooke only.WCT2019 20 1080x1080 Women

Director: Deb Smith
Music Director: Edward Niles
Producer: Heather Doucette

Audition Date:
Email to arrange.

Whitby Courthouse Theatre, 416 Centre Street South

Staging rehearsals: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday – 7-10pm
(only called as required)

Performance Dates:
Preview: February 5
Run: February 6-8, 13-15*, 20-22*, 2020
(8pm curtain. *2pm & 8pm)

What to Prepare:

  • Acting resume
  • Headshot
  • Once you have emailed your interest, you will be sent the music for "More Than I Am", the character's duet from the show.

What to Do:

  • Click here to send your resume and head-shot.
  • Upon receiving your email, an audion date and time will be arranged.

Contact Ted Niles if you have any other questions by clicking here.

About The Play: 
The timeless, captivating story is now a multi-award-winning Broadway musical filled with personal discovery, heartache, hope, and everlasting love.

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic 1869 semi-autobiographical novel, it focuses on the four March sisters – traditional Meg, wild, aspiring writer Jo, timid Beth, and romantic Amy at home in Concord, Massachusetts.

Struggling while their father is away serving as a Union Army chaplain during the Civil War, the young March women’s lives unfold through several recreations of melodramatic short stories Jo writes in her attic studio.

Mr. John Brooke - Age: 25 to 40.
Vocal Range: Tenor C#3-F#4


Artistic TeamsWCT19GEN HomepageDirector

It’s Only A Play - November 2019
Producers - Heather Doucette & Geneviève Hébert-Carr
Director - Melissa Gibson

Little Women the Broadway Musical - February 2020
Producer - Heather Doucette
Director - Deb Smith
Music Director - Edward Niles

Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun - April 2020
Producer - Geneviève Hébert-Carr
Director - Brandon Rideout

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Whitby Courthouse Theatre
416 Centre Street South
Whitby, ON L1N 4W2

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