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The Whitby Courthouse Theatre Youth Group is an educational program that introduces young people to the world of musical theatre. Lead by a team of professionals, the program offers advanced training in all aspects of Theatre while learning teamwork and leadership skills simultaneously. The program runs every year from September to June. All applicants must audition in September each year, with specific audition dates, times, and information released in the summer.

Auditions for the 2019-2020 Youth Group will be held in September 2019.

Core Educational Topics

Acting & Characterization 
Lessons include line delivery, character development, pacing, improvisation, auditioning skills, voice skills, staging, etc.

Music & Vocal
Lessons include singing, music theory, notation, breath, rhythm, tone, etc.

Movement & Choreography
Lessons regarding how to move on stage, basic dance steps, floor patterns, etc.

Production & Design
Lessons include hair, makeup, stage management, set design and construction, costuming, lighting, sound, production, etc.

Theatre Etiquette & Life Skills
The overall Youth Group experience is designed to build a base of theatre etiquette to be taken with them into various other settings. Involvement in theatre creates and builds significant life skills such as public speaking, presentation, responsibility, teamwork, commitment and most significantly confidence.

Details About the Group

The Structure 
Throughout the fall term, (September-December) Youth Group members have the opportunity to learn about acting, music/vocals, movement/dance, and technical and other critical facets to Musical Theatre by participating in workshops. These workshops range anywhere from Shakespeare, to Acting for the Camera, to Puppetry, and run every Saturday morning from 9am-12noon. Professionals are brought in from both outside the community, and from within the theatre world in Durham Region in order to give members a well-rounded experience. All core team members have background checks - vulnerable sector - done prior to involvement with the group.

In December, all Youth Group members audition for a role in the Spring Show (show announced in the fall after group selection). Each member is cast in the show which begins rehearsing Saturday mornings from 9am-12noon in January, and picks up Mondays/Wednesday evenings from 6pm-9pm in March, and culminates in a 2-week run from June 6-16, 2019. All members are reminded of the show dates and specifics on the first day of Youth Group in September and are required to attend all scheduled rehearsals unless previously approved by the program director.

Age Requirements
The age guideline is 10-17 years old, but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

Associated Costs
Cost of the program is $215*
* fee is subject to change without notice.

Other Notes
Whitby Courthouse Theatre is a not-for-profit organization and all programs (including Youth Group) are run by volunteers. As theatre is a group effort, parents are required to contribute a minimum of 15 volunteer hours to the youth group throughout the year (whether in costumes, set construction, party planning, front-of-house, etc). No experience is necessary, we train you!

For more information on our program, email our Program Director. 


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